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Experiencing Suffering

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on November 5, 2011 at 8:05 PM

Sri Bhagavan often guides us to experience Suffering. There are many a people who ask: “how do we experience suffering?”

As far as I have experienced, there are three stages to experiencing a suffering. Suppose a person X is hurt by a person Y.

First Stage of Suffering:

In this first stage if we are that X, and we are hurt by Y, the hurt comes to us in the form of Y or the person who hurt us. The whole picture is about that person only. We have all kinds of negative judgments about that person and would like to avoid him as much possible. If he is unavoidable, we would like to hurt him double or many times or teach him a lesson. This will be our first reaction.

But even after hurting Y to a large extent, we cannot keep quiet or feel free. We may at the most have a short sense of satisfaction for a few minutes. But the judgments and dislike of Y continues. In this stage, we cannot even think of forgiving.

Second Stage of Suffering:

Suppose this Y is our boss or someone we cannot afford to hurt lest that is more harmful to our image! In that case, we would like to defend ourselves, prove that we are right or prove that Y is wrong or prove that we are not so wrong! So our entire effort, in other worlds - struggle will be to do this. Many times, through out our entire life we struggle to prove to others as well as convince ourselves that we are NOT so wrong, so bad, so foolish, so unsuccessful and so on. Our actual suffering is this – try to prove, trying to convince or trying to become ‘good’. That is the suffering. You should identify this in each and every incident.

This is where Bhagavan says “You are trying to BECOME or the suffering of BECOMING!”

Many of us have gone through the first stage and reached the second stage where we are able to see that we are trying to become good and prove good. This means that we are following the teaching ‘Seeing’. Fine so far.

But in spite of seeing all this, and becoming aware of all this, there is no major change or relief in us. We are facing the same comments from people – the same hurts are going on and our relationships are still facing problems and vacuum. How many of us would agree to this? (Please write to me on this later.)

At this stage, we know this ‘becoming’ is causing us problems, but do not know how to come out of it because coming out of it is again ‘trying to become’ is it not? Here, we know the reason for our problems, but have not got free from the problem! That is our state here!

Now read this slowly and carefully.

Every incident in our life has left a ‘scar’ in the mind. This scar is called as ‘the charge’ by Bhagavan, This ‘charge’ is a residue of ill feeling left from the incident or incidents.

We can get COMPLETE SOLUTION to our INTERNAL PROBLEMS now and here.

The only solution to all internal problems is coming out of this CHARGE. Sri Bhagavan says that it is not enough if we locate the problem, but should also come out of the problem – that is – ‘the charge’ itself.

First of all, we should be able to SEE the charge. For this you should do a small exercise. Never think or talk about the person who hurt you. Only when you forget that person, you can see the charge. As long as you are thinking that that person hurt you, you cannot see the charge. Remember No one hurts us. But WE ARE HURT. I wish you understand the difference between the two sentences. This is where we begin to get transformation.

I can give some clues to come out of the charge:

Locate or realize where the charge is.Secondly, you should be focused to get out of the charge. You know you should have a strong intent to get anything. You should also have a strong intent to come out of every charge.Pray emotionally to Bhagavan and Amma that you should come out of the charge (pray separately for each charge, one charge at a time), preferably touching the Sri Murti or the Padukas. Let the touch be with feeling – any feeling – love, pleading, inviting, asking, praise, even desperation is ok. It is important you touch them with emotion.Take a deep Deeksha.In order to come out of any charge, Bhagavan says we should experience the suffering, So pray to Bhagavan-Amma to make you experience the suffering. This experience of suffering will be for 3 minutes maximum and many times less than a minute. This experience can come as emotional pain with tears or no tears or as a physical pain in the body too. It may be in the form of nausea or like butterflies in the stomach or someone squeezing your heart, anything. After this experience, you will go into great bliss and if the experience is complete, it will end in complete forgiveness and bliss.Sometimes this experience will come in parts. You would have experienced the suffering but still some more charge will be left. In that case, you have to do the above 4 exercises again and again till you are completely out of the charge.Sometimes the experience will not come immediately. But Bhagavan-Amma will remember and give you the experience sooner or later.Every process, deeksha and darshan removes so many charges inside us.

It is important for all of us to relax ourselves now and then or do something we enjoy. When we are in joy and more relaxed, it is easy to experience the suffering. So do not be surprised - when all of a sudden you experience suffering in the midst of a nice mood. Welcome it. Do not postpone it or reject it at that time when sufering comes. It is a great experience to go through suffering or experience suffering. It is paradoxical indeed!

A strong will with a strong intent, focus and practice will make us perfect in anything. Hence, the more we practice this, the more we are good at it.

All relationships can be set right by experiencing suffering.

All the Best of Grace. All Teachings can be made effective by Grace only.

Sri Bhagavan says: “To remove the charge you have got to experience suffering.

Whenever anything is re-experienced, the charge goes away. Clearly you must re-experience it.

Two people cannot stay on the same spot, isn't it? You have to knock down one and put the other in. In a similar way what happens is when you re-experience it that charge is removed. It's gone. With the charge gone, entire perception changes because the old perception comes from the charge.

Once perception is changed, everything changes. Your experiencing of reality depends on your perception. If that changes, the experience changes and then the suffering is gone”.

Experiencing suffering is an effortless act.

From: http://lifeinoneness.blogspot.com/2011/11/experiencing-suffering.html

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