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The Sadhana of 'No Sadhana

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on November 6, 2011 at 9:40 PM

'Posted byAnuji

Whatever man does, affects everything else because all things are connected"...Sri AmmaBhagavan.



I request all my friends to read this. Here is a solution to all your problems. Though you are not a spiritual seeker, you should read this to improve your life.

In the Oneness movement, Sri Bhagavan has given us only one Sadhana: that is, looking into what is going on inside the mind – inside us. This is a Spiritual Inward Journey. Every being interested in bettering the practical external life, needs to do this because: “The external world is only a reflection of the internal world”. If you understand this quotation, you understand so many things in your life.

This looking into our thoughts and emotions in the mind is called ‘seeing’. In the Oneness Movement, We have only one Sadhana called ‘the seeing sadhana’. Since, in oneness, seeing happens by itself (without our effort) due to the processes and deekshas and the power of Amma and Bhagavan, this Sadhana never seems to be a sadhana for us and it is also very interesting to watch the Mind. Hence, Sri Bhagavan has named this Sadhana as ‘NO SADHANA’.

Sri Bhagavan says :

All that you can do is, you can see what is there. First of all you do not know what is there, since all the years you are running away from it. Now, there is an indirect way of knowing. But then, actually to look at it, is painful. To look at your envious thoughts and jealous thoughts, your fearful thoughts, your anxious thoughts - it is not such a good experience. All the time you are running away from it. That is the only problem which man has got.

So, because we are telling 'you look, turn around, confront it, and look at it', you can say ‘let me try’. Initially it could be difficult but then you would soon realize that it is very tempting. Very nice to see actually. As you see your darker side and negative side strangely you stop condemning because you would know that it is true and along with it comes joy also and with that joy you will soon find that there is complete absence of conflict.

Not that your negative side has gone. Not that you cease to be jealous, cease to be angry, cease to be fearful… no no no. Not those things. You, for the first time in your life, you are able to say, ‘yes I am this; I am not ashamed of it. That is the only truth. I am being truthful’. That is when you have taken the first step in spirituality, that is also the last step. Thereafter everything is automatic. No guru is required, No teaching is required, it all happens automatically.

You think there is something you can do to get there. But there is nothing you can do to get there. If you are a jealous person, you are not going to become non-jealous. If you are a fearful person you are not going to become courageous like a lion. If you are a depressed person you are not going to become a Fourier. You cannot change. Try as you might you cannot change.

So what is the teaching here? The teaching says 'you cannot change' and there is no need to change because you have been designed like that; you are that. That is all. That is the only teaching. Therefore you accept that. You will say, ‘Ok, I cannot change. What is there to do? Nothing to do and there is nothing wrong about that! I have been designed like that’. You did not design yourself. God designed you like that. He has some purpose in designing you. So, there is complete acceptance. When you accept what is there, that is meditation; that is Sadhana; that is all. So, it is very simple. Please do it. I will help you.”






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