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Story of a Sage meeting Sri Bhagavan in 2001 / Historia del encuentro de un Sabio con Sri Bhagavan el 2001

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on May 18, 2009 at 5:11 PM

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Nobodyknew his age for sure. The saint and master Sri Bharatgiri Maharaj wasthe contemporary of Sri Shirdi Saibaba, the famous Indian yogi. Both ofthem were said to have trained under the same Guru. Going by all theinformation one could sum up about him he was at least 130 years oldwhen he passed away in 2001. This is the story of his discovery of SriBhagavan.

March 7th 1949. On a mountaintop in Junagadh, thesaint sat contemplating and praying. "Lord, I know not my role in yourscheme of things. Man has become the very antitheses of love andcompassion. I am disheartened at the condition of men. "

As he sankdeeper and deeper into helplessness and prayer, he heard a voice fromthe heavens, which in India goes by the name of 'Akashvani', announcingto him, "It is not yours to worry any more. On this very day I haveincarnated to transform humanity. You would meet me when I grow up.Recognize me then through this form." And the saint watched in a trancethe image of a man with both his arms extended in an all embracingcall, towering from the earth to the heavens.

At the same time,a small village in the South of India was celebrating the birth of aninfant. The entire village took an immense pleasure in welcoming thechild amidst them. Joy and revelry had infected everyone. Sri Bhagavanhad incarnated.

Saint Bharatgiri Maharaj descended the hill that daywith great peace and assurance. Days rolled by. All the time he was onthe look out for the signs of the incarnation. He worked tirelessly forthe betterment of man even as he waited for the promise to come true.However, as the new millennium came round the corner, hope anddetermination slowly gave way to anxiety. He had already crossed 120.Could he carry-on anymore with the rapidly failing health? Why hasn'tthe Avatar revealed himself yet? He intensified the search, but noresult remotely matched the vision on the mountaintop.

Then oneday, on his way to a discourse, he saw a long procession winding itsway on the opposite side of the road. At the head of the procession wasa life size picture of someone robed in yellow with his handsoutstretched. The saint knew him at once. He immediately sent adisciple to get more details. They matched exactly with the revelation.Wave after wave of relief flooded him. He would not pass away withoutsetting his eyes at least once upon the Lord in human form after all.However, as though the body was aware that its quest had come to anend, his health failed totally. The doctors would not allow him totravel such a distance since there was no way his ancient body couldput up with the strain. But the saint wouldn't hear of it. He struggledhard for a few months to build himself up for the travel.

Aftera few months, the day dawned when the saint made it to the Golden Cityin a holy pilgrimage along with 22 of his chief disciples. The meetingbetween him and Sri Bhagavan was most heart touching and sacred.Bhagavan waited at the door to welcome him. The senior disciples wavedlamps to him. Bhagavan embraced the shrunken body of the saint as hewould embrace a most delicate flower and later led him to his seatholding his hand. This scene remains etched forever in theconsciousness of all those who witnessed it that day. In an ancientvoice the saint expressed his adoration to Sri Bhagavan and then said,"Now that I have found you, I have no more concerns. The time has comefor me to quit. Bhagavan, these are my chief disciples. From now theyare yours. Lord, please grant them Mukti (liberation)." His disciplespaid obeisance to Sri Bhagavan.

Soon after he returned, he quit the earth plane to become one with the Divine.

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