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About greed - Sri Bhagavan

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on November 22, 2011 at 5:45 PM

Qs and Ans with Sri Bhagavan - Oneness Newsletter 119

Seeker: Bhagavan very often in life, I feel I am greedy, I am trying to grab things from others for my own achievements. Could you please help me?

Sri Bhagavan: There are two kinds of people in this world. People who make use of others to come up in their life. This is the first kind. There are others who feel they are being helped by everybody and everything in their life. These are the grateful ones. To know that you arise dependently is the birth of gratitude.

You are what you are not because you chose to be that but events, happening, nature, people, the entire universe has caused you to be who you are. Your parents, brothers, sisters, friends, teachers, neighbours, the society, everyone had a role to play in your life. You are not alone in this celebration of life but are accompanied by everything and everybody.

All life is only a journey towards this one destination - THE DIVINE. Just as waters from the rivers from directions flow into the ocean, so also the incidents, events, be it good or bad, painful or pleasurable, beautiful or ugly, lead you to the lap of the divine.

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