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Posted by Oneness Ecuador on November 22, 2011 at 5:45 PM


SRI BHAGAVAN: "We have never told you to let go of your emotions, problems or stop accumulating. Never at all. That is not the teaching. All that we are telling is please realise it is the one mind, it is the ancient mind, that is how it was for millions of years and that is how it would be unless and until the human brain changes. It has always been so.


The other thing is it is not your mind, my mind or his mind. It is the one human mind. So what we expect you to realise or understand is that it cannot be changed. That it is impossible to change whatever is there. The impossibilty of change must strike you like a ton of bricks.That is what we are talking about. We are not asking you to change things at all. We have been telling you that's what man has been doing for million of years. Trying to change. It is like straightening a dog's tail. That cannot be done. Now if somebody is going on trying to change, straighten the dog's tail, and realise it cannot be changed, then he gives up the whole effort. When he gives it up, what is there is peace, there is silence, there is tranquility, there is the absence of conflict.


Similarly the problem with you is you hear some teaching, you hear something about an awakened man, you want to become like that and you want to be free of this or you want to have something, you want to change this. This is not what the teaching is saying. The teaching is saying just be aware of them. It does not matter what you see or what is going on. The only thing we want you to realise is, it cannot be changed, you cannot give up those things and strangely, we do not want to emphasize this because that again it becomes a concept.

If you stop trying to change, what is there is peace, what is there is the absence of conflict, what is there is joy but you try to say 'I will be free of conflict, I will have peace, I will have joy', you wil never have it till doomsday.

Its all a question of giving up not deliberately, not through effort. That is why we are saying 'effortless effort'. If you try giving up and then give up, it is false. It is just tricking you. The mind is tricking you. It must drop like a dry leaf. The dry leaf automatically falls down. Similarly, all that we want you to see is that it is impossible to change. It is your effort to change which is the problem.


A problem does not exist by itself. It is your problem that you want to change that. You want it to be different. You are saying that is right, this is wrong, it should be this, it should be that. That effort is the problem. Saying it is wrong -that - is the problem. Saying it is right -that is the problem. 'Saying I will change it' that is the problem.

When you say 'I must change jealousy', that only is jealousy. If there is no such effort, there is no jealousy also because there is no somebody who is having jealousy. You are = jealousy. What is there is jealousy only. But it appears as though you are suffering from jealousy and then you are trying to be free from it. How could you be free of it because you are only jealousy. Not that you are suffering from jealousy. If that were the case we could do something about it. But that is not the truth. Therefore it is just there. Why bother about it?It is just there. Like the mountains it is there, like the clouds it is there. You can't do anything with the mountains or the clouds. Just watch them. Just watch them. That is all there is to life. Just mere watching. That is what we call awareness. That is what we call awakening. It is not something to achieve. No. Just realising nothing to do".

"The awakened one sees everything perfect. The unawakened one sees everything as imperfect"

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