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Evolving of the movement - Sri Bhagavan

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on November 23, 2011 at 12:20 AM

Seeker: Bhagavan, It seems this movement is evolving. Is there an end to what you can teach us?

Sri Bhagavan: Consciousness is ever evolving. But as far as we are concerned, once the 64,000 is achieved, we will close shop. Already you find that we do not go out anywhere. All that we intend to do is offer this to the 64,000. Then we will just have a good time here. It is for you people to do whatever you want. I am not a messiah to transform mankind. I have prepared a few people to put them in a state. They will prepare the 64,000 and put them in a state. Then you will be able to do this to humanity. Kalki? I am not Kalki. Kalki is all the Hindu gods put together. It is not one person but a huge number of people who will transform humanity. So also the Christ, Imam Mehdi, Maitreya. The Kalki, or Christ, or Maitreya who comes into you – it will be up to him then – we will just close shop here and have a good time!

Sent by: Jeet Sharma

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