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Posted by Oneness Ecuador on November 29, 2011 at 12:45 AM

Suffering arises from a partial and erroneous perception of reality and of ourselvesSrii Amma Bhagavan ~

"Hearts generally awaken when they are in face to face with suffering"

Experiencing suffering is an effortless act

Question : 

Bhagavan , there is so much pain and sorrow surfacing in me right now, that my daily life is becoming very difficult to manage. And at the same time it takes so much more effort now to dissolve the pain by experiencing it, compared to a year ago after my Level 1 course.How can I make the act of dissolving the pain by experiencing it easier, more effective and more powerful?



Sri Bhagavan says:

In Oneness, you’ve got to remember, that only up to a point there could be effort. If effort continues, then nothing would happen. Things must happen automatically, they must become effortless. Experiencing suffering is an effortless act. If you apply effort, you will not be able to do it at all. Effort is only slightly becoming aware, “yes I have this pain” and maybe bringing in some teaching. That’s why I often give an example of a snake in the room and you are very scared. And then you go out and get a torchlight, going out and getting a torch is the effort, and then putting on the switch is the effort. Once the light comes out of the torch, you see it’s only a rope and not a snake. So it does not take time, energy or effort. The fear is just gone. 



You try and you put in some effort. And then there comes a point when you realize, nothing is happening. You’re trying to experience suffering, nothing is happening. You’re trying to stay with it, nothing is happening. That is the point when we say, you’ve got to surrender. Surrender is not something very cheap or something slavish.

"Surrender and helplessness are not a defeatest attitude. It is to set aside your limiting belief systems and complex emotions, seeing that they are a hindrance to grace.

Surrender is not to become a slave. It is to see that one cannot do anything

That (Surrender) is when you hand over, when you realize you can’t do anything more. But as long as you can do something you have got to do it, you should not be looking for help. That can come from the Divine. Only at the point where you say I cannot do, there you will have to pray and ask for help. Then the grace will definitely come.

The only purpose of putting in effort is to realise you are helpless and that there is nothing you could do. Your role is upto that point."

Sri Amma, The Divine Mother, says:

"It's the nature of creation to keep the future as a mystery. Still, what to do in the future is up to you to decide. Surrendering does not imply in laziness. You have the power and ability to make your choices. Make use of all opportunities that arise in your way."

Sri Bhagavan continues: "You just realize you cannot do anything. When you cannot do anything, what do you do? You’ve got to seek help. So you must have a connection with the Divine.So take a blessing or invoke the Divine, and then you’ll see what happens. It just begins to happen. It has to be effortless. If there’s effort, it is not oneness. And it naturally happens if you invoke the Divine or if you can not do it, ask some powerful blessing giver to give you a blessing. It will start off. That’s why the blessing is so important. Without the blessing you cannot get there. Because your trying is what is destroying it".


"Anything re-experienced fully will lose its charge" - Sri Bhagavan

Sri Bhagavan on Enlightenment says:

"When your existence is not there, your suffering too is not there".



From: Anuradha

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