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Sri Amma Bhagavan - Why Importance to Relationships at all?

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on November 29, 2011 at 12:45 AM


Sri Amma says:


"Nothing can exist by itself. Anything can exist only in relationship to other.


Is it really possible for you to be independent and live on your own? Impossible, because you just happen in dependence on people around you. You depend on them for your survival and happiness. If you do not have anyone to love, or to love you, what inspiration would have the work, success or beauty? It is the people around us who give the meaning to our existence. Their presence is the only thing that makes everything vibrate."


- Sri Amma, beloved Divine Mother


Devotee: BHAGAVAN,my first question is what is reality of life? And my second question is why YOU have taken relationship as only important, YOU have given importance to only relationships and why not others?


SRI BHAGAVAN: So first let us talk about relationship. So what is your name?


Devotee: Roshni

SRI BHAGAVAN: Who is Roshni? Roshni is the daughter of so and so, sister of so and so, friend of so and so. Isn't it? If you remove all these things, is there Roshni? So Roshni is nothing but relationships only. Without relationship there is no Roshni. And life is relationship.


What is the reality of life, you asked. Life is nothing but relationships and Roshni is nothing but relationship. If relationships are not alright, Roshni is not alright. If she is not alright she is going to be trouble to everybody else. Unhappy person troubles others, creates mischief, creates problems for others. A happy person never does these things. And to be happy, your relationships must be alright. So that is one thing.


The other thing is - if your relationships are alright, your heart is alright. If your heart is alright, brain is alright. If your brain is alright, your immune system is alright. If your immune system is alright, I can give you Grace.


How grace can come through immune system, if you want me to explain that then I must take a class on biology for you. But this is not a biology class. So I will stop there.


But there is a definite relationship with the heart, the brain and the immune system.That is how it works.


So let us say you come and tell me I am having a heart problem, BHAGAVAN, some kidney problem, liver problem. I basically work through the immune system only. And for me to do that, your heart must be in good condition.


From there something goes to the brain and from there to the immune system; and in a few minutes, I can heal you. Not only that, I can do many other things over this formula. That is why your relationship must be in excellent shape.That is why if you want my grace, you must set right your relationships, then it is very easy for me to help you. Otherwise it becomes very difficult".




"Relationships born out of thought are the main cause for all sorts of problems. Let your heart be the cause for relationships!"


Question: Bhagavan, if we are in love there is a fear of losing the dear one. If we are not in love then we suffer from loneliness. Then, why should there be relationship if it is going to cause suffering?


Sri Bhagavan: "You are in love precisely because you have the fear of losing it. You never value a thing if you do not have the fear of losing it. So, everything in this universe is a paradox. If there is a front, there is a back. If there is a high, then there is a low. That is how the Universe is structured. Unless you have the fear of losing your friend or your spouse or your children for some reason or the other, you would not be able to love them and there is loneliness. So, you have got to love. This love is sustained by the threat that you are going to lose the person either through sickness or whatever it would be. That is all there is to life and the beauty of life is, if you could see this and the inevitability of the situation, you would start accepting it and in fact, you would fall in love.


Actually, there is no problem with the given situation. The problem is you are not able to accept the “what is” (inside you). The “what is” is 'whatever is there' at that point of time and nothing can be done about it. So, once you realize that, you would accept it and when you accept it, love spontaneously arises in your heart.


“Cultivating a virtue” is of no use except helping you fit into society. Trying to be good, to be kind, to be generous - all this would not help you in becoming awakened. Because, it is not true to you. That is why, we often say, if you are not awakened, do not behave like one. If you are not a Mahatma, do not behave like a Mahatma. You don’t have to compare yourself with Gandhi, Christ or a Buddha. There is no need for you to feel bad about it. You are you and there is nobody else like you. You are unique with all your jealousy, your anger, your hatred and whatever else is there. You should be able to see your own anger, your own jealousy, like you see an object. That is possible when you become nonjudgmental. Then everything would remain as it is. It would not be what you think they are. Remember!!! These things are put there by the Universe. The flow of Universe has produced you. You have to go with it, Live with it, Experience it and Enjoy it.


An awakened person is one who is not trying to become anybody else. He is himself. The problem with you is, you are trying to change. It is like trying to straighten up a dog’s tail. You will never be different. When you actually see the impossibility of change, accepting yourself and loving yourself happens. You don’t accept or love. It just happens".


"Attachment basically comes when you make use of people.


Sri Amma Bhagavan


"To have good relationship start with yourself, not with the other. See who you are, accept yourself as you are and love yourself as you are.

When this happens, very naturally the other person would see you as you are, would accept you as you are, and would love you as you are."


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