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Sri Bhagavan - HOW TO ACCEPT

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on November 29, 2011 at 1:00 PM


SRI BHAGAVAN: "When you accept what is there, that is meditation. That is sadhana. That is all. So it is very simple. Please do it. I will help yoU"

Q.) How do we accept things? It seems to be so difficult.


SRI BHAGAVAN: "See the mind is a good businessman. What is profitable to it, it naturally does. What is not profitable it does not do. Now when you do not accept something, the first thing is, it is a fact that it is there.You cannot do anything about it. But by struggling with it, by fighting with it, you are creating a conflict.

Conflict is dissipation of energy. When energy is being lost you become unhappy; and also you become a failure. On the other hand, if you accept whatever is there, there is no conflict, which means there is no wastage of energy; the energy is still; that is - there is no movement of energy as wastage. That becomes joy and happiness; it leads way to success. If you can see this whole process, then naturally you will accept because it is profitable to you. You cannot do unprofitable things.

Somehow you are imagining that if you fight with it, it is good. Therefore you fight with it. When you observe that fighting is not profitable, the mind naturally will drop it. You must see how all the fighting is not profitable to you, then it's all over. It is very simple but because you are not used to this observation, the situation is going to be difficult.

Similarly whatever there is, if it is going to be a problem, if it is a fact, and if you see that struggling with it is going to destroy you in the end, you won't do it.There is nothing else you should do.The mind naturally will drop it. If it sees it is not profitable to it, that is what we say is 'SEEING".

You must see how all that is not profitable to you and it is all over. It is very simple but since you are not used to it, it is proving to be difficult. But once you love it, it is as easy as breathing. But until then it looks 'oh how can I do it'. It takes some time, some understanding and then of course if it is still difficult, I am there. If you know how to ask me, I can make you actually do it".


"Each teaching is now to be understood intellectually. You have to contemplate on it, and then even meditate on it, trying to applying it. You can go up to a point, beyond that you cannot do. Beyond that the kundalini must be awakened and the chakras must be made to move faster. That the deeksha would do. That is the power supply. Once it happens these teachings would become realization.


Now last month I was focusing on seeing and accepting the totality of what is going on inside you. That is, inside a lot of things are going on: the so called good, the so called bad, the so called right, the so called wrong, the so called sacred, the so called profane. So all things are going on, and there are all of these opposites inside you. There is love. There is hate. There is fear. There is courage. There is everything going on inside, and they exist as opposites because without the opposite being created there cannot be creation. All things exist in their opposites and you contain all these things.


What you try to do is, you try to push out some things and keep the others. That is the mistake. You say this is good, that is evil. That is the problem. You say this is sacred, this is profane. That is the problem. You have to accept all that is there. You accept the most beautiful thoughts and you have to accept the most terrible thoughts because they are all happening inside of you. That is the truth".

But once you learn it, it is as easy as breathing. But, until then, it looks "Oh! How am I going to do it?” It takes some effort and understanding. Still it will be difficult but I am there! If you know how to ask me, I can make you actually do it.

Bhagavan's Mahavakya: "Letting go of resistance is acceptance".

Whatever you resist will persist, therefore accept. Acceptance is the bedrock for all spiritual growth and since then happiness will be the index of your growth – ONENESS

Thanks to: Anuradha

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