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First annual World Oneness Center inauguration celebrations

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on June 2, 2009 at 1:10 AM

Since April 22nd 2009 until May 31st, 2009 a very special daily event has been taking place at the World Oneness Center in Golden City, India.Daily, the founders of Oneness, Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan, have been holding special meditations for World Oneness in celebration for theWorld Oneness Center being open for one year.

Withcrowds of well over 5 thousand from various states of India and acrossthe world sitting in the top floor participating in the event, andanother 5 thousand waiting eagerly in the floors below for thepreceding event, the participants are eager to experience this lifetransforming celebration, knowing that a wonderful gift of deep innerpeace awaits them.

Theevents are about 2 hours long, and the participants are taken throughan amazing journey into higher states of consciousness. The journeybegins with an initial meditation that helps awaken the energeticcenters in the body; preparing the participant to be fully open toreceive the Oneness Blessing. The next meditation is one in whichintends to help the participant fulfill the various needs and desiresof their lives such as Health, Wealth, Relationships, Contribution, andhigher states of consciousness.

What follows next is an amazing escalating experience. Several OnenessBeings, (people who reside in a state of total oneness; a very high andwonderful state of consciousness) come out and meditate with the crowdof participants giving the Oneness Blessing. The experience is verydeep and transforming. A serene feeling of stillness and silence isfelt within your being.

Following theOneness Being meditation Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan begin entering theroom. This alone is an amazing experience. First, you see the doorsopen up as some very sacred music starts being sung.

Youcan feel the expectation so deeply in the air from everyone around youthat even a person who is new to all this is absolutely excited for noreason at all. You find yourself with a deep child like smile wrappingyour face as the two founders gracefully walk in and sit down tomeditate in front of crowd. As they walk in, the crowd of people beginscheering beyond belief and the energy in the hall is pleasantlyoverwhelming. You find yourself filled with excitement as you areclapping and cheering, as if your whole being knows somethingspectacular is about to occur to you.

Once thecrowd settle, they are lead on another series of meditations with SriAmma and Sri Bhagavan. The energy in the room is very intense. Themeditations come to an end, and it is announced that Sri Amma and SriBhagavan will now be giving the Oneness Blessing which will move youinto a state where you discover the joy of each moment. As the OnenessBlessing begins you just find yourself completely open and still yetelectric and pulsating with energy, leaving you in a divinelymesmerized and enchanted state of being.

Oncethe Blessing is over Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan convey their love to thecrowd of overjoyed participants and gracefully walk out. You have beensitting now for about two hours, and it doesn?t seem like more than 30minutes have passed. As you start walking out of the event you feel asthough you are a child looking upon the world for the first time.Everything seems new, and saturated with beauty and perfection. As youwalk outside the sky and clouds look amazing. The mind is quite, andyou find yourself breathing deep and slowly, feeling each breath andconnecting deeply to the sensations of your body and heart. You can?tquite explain what just took place, and don?t care to even try, you aretoo busy experiencing reality as it is.

TheWorld Oneness Center was built as a part of the vision of Sri Amma andSri Bhagavan who hold the passion and intent to transform humanity froma state of division to one of Oneness. A state of being where humanitycan discover the love that exists in each moment and feel connected toeveryone and everything. This is being achieved by the Phenomenon ofthe Oneness Blessing, and the World Oneness Center acts as the powerhouse to this Phenomenon.

The World Oneness Centeris now open to anyone who would like to come and meditate and receivethe Oneness Blessing. Daily events are being held. Please contact yourlocal coordinator for more information.

source: http://www.onenessuniversity.org/oneness/cms/home/Library/article2.html

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