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"Health is cumulative experience of mind, body & conciousness" - Sri bhagavan

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on August 1, 2012 at 7:10 PM

Dialogue with Sri Bhagavan


The dark circles around her eyes, the pale skin, a mild hunch and a wild look in her eyes, all spoke of a tremendous inner conflict she was under going. She was a medical student, unhappy with herself and everything else around her.

She was brought to Bhagavan by a group of her friends, who were very much touched by her.

Bhagavan’s gaze rested on her for a long time. Sitting at a distance of more than 10 meters one was hit by the waves of compassion that radiated in silence from Bhagavan’s eyes.

In a trembling and hesitant voice she asked,

LADY: “I have neither belief nor faith in You, but need Your help. I am obsessed with negative thoughts constantly. I suffer from depression. Can you make me happy?”


SRI BHAGAVAN: “You have no control over your thoughts, nor does anybody have. Thoughts seem to be simply flowing into you and taking control of you; Positive and negative thoughts alike. You are constantly battling with thoughts that you do not like. On investigation you will find that these are actually not your thoughts. That is why I maintain ‘Your thoughts are not your thoughts’. Just as you breathe in and breathe out air from the atmosphere, we receive and transmit thoughts into the thought sphere. These are humanity’s thoughts over the past few thousands of years. Their fears and anxieties, their suffering and pain, their joys and pleasure are all not over. They live on in our lives through thoughts”


LADY: “Sorry to interrupt Bhagavan, but why is it that I alone seem to be holding negative thoughts from this sphere, while my friends here seem to pull positive thoughts”


SRI BHAGAVAN: “It is a grand illusion you suffer alone when you assume that all people around you have positive thoughts. At the root of thought is fear and division. Hence, a large part of humanity’s thoughts are negative.The kind of thoughts that flow through you depend on several factors; each factor is like an antenna. Your early childhood traumas, the alignment of your Chakras (energy centers in the body), the Vaasthu of your house, your personal karma and that of your family, the joy you bring to the work you do, the food you ate and the person who cooked it, the people you meet, the position of the sun and the moon. In fact, the whole universe is responsible. One cannot affect all these factors. Through my Mukthi Deeksha I can of course alter your neurological connections, whereby you become a witness to your thoughts. What does it matter then, what thoughts you have. It is like watching a movie."



Q. I suffer with a lot of negative thoughts, what should I do about them?


Bhagavan: "According to the natural principle, there is nothing you could do about them, except to become more observant, to become more aware that they are there. If you try to fight with them or to push them out, they will become powerful. All fights with negative thoughts must be avoided.


The more you fight, the stronger they become. The only way is to realize that they are there and then accept them. Just accept the truth. Because the truth is that the negative thoughts are there. How could you deny that? By accepting them, they become weaker. As they become weaker, they have a chance that they would slowly fade out. So, please try to avoid all fight, all struggle with negative emotions.


And as you gradually go into it, you will realize that they are not your negative emotions but, they are just there in the thought sphere and it so happens that your brain is picking them up. They are not your negative thoughts, that is why we say - they are just thoughts, like that building is there, they are there.


They are not your thoughts but humanity's thoughts. And you will soon become free of them. This is the process that takes place in the courses at the Oneness University. Through our Oneness Blessing Energy Transfers here it becomes a very tangible experience to you and you no longer identify with the thoughts as your thoughts. The present negativity that is within you ceases thereafter".

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