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On Different realms of Consciousness - Sri Bhagavan

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on August 1, 2012 at 7:15 PM

"Transformation is a movement in consciousness." SRI AMMA BHAGAVAN


Q: Though Christ was one with the Heavenly Father, he still related to him through prayer. How do you explain this apparent paradox?


BHAGAVAN: We believe that we exist in twenty-one realms, sometimes almost at the same time. Now we have the seven chakras, we have seven chakras below the body, seven above, and each of them represents a realm of consciousness. By increasing the speed of any particular chakra you could enter that realm of consciousness. Now, great beings like Christ, they simultaneously exist in several realms of consciousness: the highest and the earthly realm. So they could also move into lower planes and come out in case they would want to help somebody.


So the Christ who is on the earthly realm could obviously talk to himself in the higher realm, and when he does that, he would obviously refer to him as his father, though it is himself only. For example, you will be able to see yourself, if you activate your kundalini that you are in higher realms of consciousness. You'll be amazed but that being will be somebody to whom you'll pay obeisance and you would be very reverential. But who is it? Yourself.


You can verify it at your own level. It's possible, all these things. So obviously, Christ is only one. But then the one whom he's worshipping is himself. How would he worship him? He would see himself as the Father. And so, it would be for any incarnation for that matter. So, one who knows these things, it's no paradox. It's obvious and very simple. But if you do not know that you could simultaneously exist in several realms of consciousness, then it becomes a paradox".



SRI BHAGAVAN: ""Consciousness is always the witness. It never participates in any action but witnesses the action that is taking place. For this you have to be awakened to see how it is actually happening."

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