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Sri Bhagavan - Are you God?

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on August 6, 2012 at 1:15 AM

Q.) Bhagavan, are you God?


SRI BHAGAVAN: Basically, it is like this. God essentially is unmanifest. That is, He cannot be seen, He cannot be spoken to. But He is there. But since you cannot see, you cannot speak to, He is as good as not being there as far as you are concerned.

Then, the God that people normally talk about is the God who you call as Antaryamin. i.e., He can be seen inside, you can talk inside; He can appear to so many and disappear. That’s what people normally refer to as God. Sometimes God can incarnate in physical form. That’s what is called an Avatar. I am an Avatar. In that sense I am God. But if you ask me ­ am I that unmanifest God right now, I am certainly not because I am fully physical. But I am God in the sense that I am an Avatar. So, God has these three faces. The example I give for this is - steam, water and ice. They are the same thing. As steam, it is everywhere. You can’t control it. A liquid is more controlled, but still it is moving. Ice is much more solid. The physical Avatar is something very solid. So, Miracles happen around the physical Avatar. You can come to me. You can talk to me about your problem. The problem is solved. If you come to me, I can say, “OK, this will happen, that will happen”. Many, many miracles will happen. Now, it is very easy to contact me than to contact the manifested God and still more difficult to contact the unmanifest God. That is the advantage. You take my picture and you talk to me. The response comes back. And I am not claiming that I am the only Avatar. There have been Avatars from time to time. The world is full of Avatars through whom God is acting. That’s all.

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