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Posted by Oneness Ecuador on August 7, 2012 at 2:25 PM

"When you stop trying to meditate, meditation happens" - Sri Amma Bhagavan


Bhagavan, since concentration is essential during meditation and prayer, what advice can you give us to improve our concentration while praying and have control over our thoughts?


SRI BHAGAVAN: "In Oneness, we do quite the opposite. We do not try to control our thoughts, because we do not believe there is a controller in the first place. The controller to us is an illusion. That is, we do not exist, that is only the illusion. When the illusion goes away, you become awakened or enlightened. So, there is no idea of a controller here, all that we ask you is - please keep watching your thoughts.


Strangely, as you keeping watching your thoughts, they do not disturb you and then natural concentration arises. Let us say you are focused on some object, because now you are watching your thoughts, they slow down, and they don't disturb, and you watch it in a very focused way, and then naturally concentration develops.


For us meditation is a happening, concentration is a happening. You do not meditate, you do not concentrate - nothing wrong with it. That is one way of approaching consciousness of the mind, but ours is different. We feel that, because we are heavily focused on awakening and enlightenment, that kind of concentration becomes an obstacle for awakening. It is good for certain purposes, but it does not help you in becoming awakened. So we do this kind of awareness whereby you naturally get concentration and you also become awakened.


So you must learn how to watch yourself. Oneness is all about watching yourself, staying with whatever is there. That is Oneness."


On Effortless Effort:


SRI BHAGAVAN: "The word "Letting go" does not mean you are going to let go. In the work of oneness, there is no you at all. The effort to let go is the "you".


Therefore this you must observe that every effort is destroying what you want to get. That you must see. Once you see that, automatically it happens. It has to be effortless. If by any chance that you are putting in some effort, and you got something, then you must know that something wrong has happened, it has to happen on its own."



1 May 16:27

"Effortless Effort" - Explained by Sri Bhagwan.



On Experiencing Reality:


"God and man are the two ends of the same reality" - Sri Amma Bhagavan


SRI BHAGAVAN: "If you experience reality as it is, then you will just experience bliss. You will see this whole creation is perfect. It's the most beautiful thing and that you are already in heaven."


SRI BHAGAVAN: "When the senses become free of the control of thought or the mind, then we say you have discovered unconditional joy, unconditional love. Such is this joy that you will feel that you are connected with everybody. So, you'll discover true love. So, this true love and this true joy are not separate things. They're all one and the same and this is a natural occurrence. That is what you are designed to be. That is what human being is supposed to experience all the time.


Since you do not experience that, your lives have become miserable and to escape that misery you have created various escape routes through which all the time you are escaping from your misery, which misery itself is because you are not experiencing reality. That is why people take to alcohol or to drugs, or sex or whatever that is, because otherwise what is there in your life. It becomes meaningless."


"Now what's happening is you are not at all experiencing reality. Reality to you is what is flowing through the senses. Now, all the time you are interpreting whatever data is coming into you. You look at a tree and you say it's a big tree, small tree, green tree, mango tree, this, that. All the time comments are going on.


When you sit down to eat food, you are not eating food. You start worrying about your office or your family or this or that, or comment on the food itself. The food is not being experienced.


It is possible to liberate the senses from the clutches of thought. So, thought is necessary when required, otherwise why should thought interfere. There is no need for thought to come and interfere. It's an actual experience."


When you see there is nothing much you could do about it,it leads you to surrender.When you surrender and feel helpless,the Kundalini rises.When the Kundalini rises 'SEEING' happens.Not that you see,there is no you who is seeing,'SEEING HAPPENS'.


'SEEING' is effortless,'ACCEPTING' is effortless.All that we have spoken of is effortless.

If you put in effort you will not get there.The only purpose of putting in effort is to realise you are helpless and there is nothing you could do.Your role is upto that point.There after Kundalini takes over,Seeing Happens.


You shoud not think you will see and therefore something will happen.Seeing Is The Awakened State."


SRI BHAGAVAN: "The amount of grace you receive or the form in which God manifests to you depends on the relationship you have with God.That is why its important you do not have an image of a punishing God or an indifferent God."


Do not analyse your problems


SRI BHAGAVAN: If there is a core problem, and you cannot get out of that, you should stop fighting that. Any effort to understand or analyze the problem will prevent it from getting resolved. please do not try to understand or analyze the problem because The problem is in trying to analyze the problem. Therefore there can not be a solution. So you must realize, first of all, that with that kind of... a mind you are not going to solve the problem. External problem is different. I am talking about inner problem. Please, with inner problem do not use analysis. Analysis is paralysis.


Once you realize analysis won't work, you'll feel helpless and then what you will naturally do is to feel helpless and stay with the problem. It is like a hen hatching an egg. You must sit with the problem. Then, the problem will hatch and the solution will come out.


With the fight for Indian independence, Gandhi did not know what to do so he sat quietly with the problem. He was not able to understand the problem so he just stayed with it until a solution came to him from the inside. Solution that came was to boycott salt for India's independence. The whole country was shocked, but eventually they realized that this would free them from British rule. Do not try to fight with the problem, then you'll get your salt for your core problem".


Sumit Chandrakant Tak 17 March 09:35

Sister Jayanti, European Director of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University and member of the World Council of Religious Leaders says about Oneness University


"Oneness brings you back into awareness of your spiritual identity. It gi...ves you value for the self, love for the self, respect for the self and helps you love and value not only the lives of the other people around you, but also nature. It helps you value all forms of life. It doesn't make you change your faith in any way. That's not the intent. Rather you learn a lot about the faith of another and you go deeper into your own faith and explore what's going on in your own understanding. This experience brings greater inner strength."


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