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Sri Bhagavan - What is life

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on September 6, 2012 at 11:00 AM

Question: Is our individual life a song of cosmic life?


Bhagavan: Life is eternal. All are ever present. Your individual life is but a note in the song of cosmic life. You do not come alone. You do not live alone and you do not go alone.


You come down as group souls over lifetimes to learn your lessons and complete your incomplete missions.


You choose to crisscross each other during your short sojourn on the Earth plane for your mutual evolution. Thus you are indebted to your ancestors. You owe your life and existence to them.


Your material and emotional well-being is irrevocably connected to the well-being of your departed ancestors.


Just as every man is indebted to the Earth that bears him, the trees that shelter him and life that supports him, you too are indebted to your ancestors since it is their blood that flows through your veins and their thoughts that course through your consciousness.


You should express your gratitude to them through prayers for their moksha (liberation). Their spirits would soar to higher worlds on the wings of blessings invoke by your prayers

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