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Sri Amma - living lonely

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on September 25, 2012 at 10:55 AM

Seeker: Amma, I detest human company. I like solitude.


Amma: Is it really possible for you to be independent and live all by yourself? Impossible, because you are dependently arising on the people around you. You are dependent on them for your survival and your joy. If you did not have anyone who would love you or whom you could love, what inspiration would work, success or beauty have? It is the people around us who give a meaning to our existence. It is only their presence that makes everything vibrant, be it a temple, a house or an institution. That is why a person interested in materialistic life likes to associate with his friends and relatives. A seeker hankers behind realized masters and fellow seekers. Ultimately God too revels in the company of His devotees.

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