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Sri Amma - How to get a glorious future

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on October 16, 2012 at 10:05 AM

SRI AMMA: "Everyone has a desire to rise to greatness in life. But how could one lost in fantasies and day dreams achieve anything? For a glorious future to be, desire must flower into passion and manifest as action. To realize a lofty goal one certainly has to sacrifice many petty desires. Your attention must be focused on your goal. Giving up to AMMA BHAGAVAN does not mean non-action. This is Karma bhoomi,the plane of action. Hence effort in the external world is inevitable.

My Grace will go along with you in your efforts. Without effort the grace will not respond. And then the intent must be very very strong, that’s the beginning fact, the intent, then the effort. Then you must say “well, this is all I can do,” hands up, for you cannot do anything more. “So please Lord or God,” or whatever you want to call that, “please now take over and help me.” It should be genuine surrender; You should realize you have done all that you possibly could do and you can do nothing more".

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