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Sri Bhagavan - How does awakening help?

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on October 23, 2012 at 12:45 AM

Sri Bhagavan: ”It does help in academics, coping with stress and every where it helps you. Another thing is, if you are not enlightened, it is not worth living. The unenlightened person can better go. He is a burden on this planet.

He is a burden on himself; he is a burden for everyone. He is not living.

If you are not enlightened thought is flowing all the time....

Past is flowing to the present, to the future. What is there is, only the past.

Future is not there. Only past is flowing and the past is dead, like dead matter.

Most of the time, you eat dead food. Most of the people do not know what to eat and how to eat.

If we give you real food, you will run away from the place. What you eat is dead food. Similarly these thoughts are dead matter now. You are dead actually. You don't even know that you are dead.

That is your lives. There is no joy in your lives. There is only pleasure in your lives.

Only when you become enlightened, you feel ‘Habba, this is what it is to live’.

This is paradise, but you are searching for paradise. You are in heaven and you are saying it is hell.

You have to become enlightened. Leave alone other things. If you are not going to be enlightened, what is the use of your living? If you are not going to be a Buddha or a Mahaveera or a Krishna or a Ramana, what is the use of your lives? Just going to Dubai and making all that money? Well, that is necessary.

But, otherwise what is there to your lives? I don't see any difference between you and a garden lizard. That is the condition”.


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