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Sri Bhagavan - The Divine and solving problems

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on October 31, 2012 at 7:10 PM

SRI BHAGAVAN: "We have to make use of the Divine to sort out our problems. Like I was telling earlier, we can use solar energy for meeting our energy needs,We can use wind power to meet our energy needs,similarly, divine energies could be harnessed to set right our financial problems, our relationship problems, our health problems and whatever other problems we have got to face. So we are trying to make use of divine energies for solving our problems.



In earlier times, people were doing this. But down the years we have lost touch with the Divine and this 2012 is all about putting us back in touch with the Divine. For the Divine to respond to you, you must have a bond with the Divine, whether you look at it as Christ or Buddha or Allah or as some Cosmic energy or Universal energy,You have to have a bond with it. If you do not have a bond with it, the Divine may not respond. That is why the bond is important."


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