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Sri Bhagavan - Experiencing your parents

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on November 1, 2012 at 1:50 PM

SRI BHAGAVAN: To get closer to the divine, we must set right what we call the four baskets. the four stages of growth which happen in the womb. These are the most critical and crucial factors. Unless they are set right, it is difficult to get close to the divine as a living experience. You can relate to the divine as a concept, maybe as a thought structure. But the divine is something which cannot taught by thought. It has nothing to do with the mind. It is a living thing. It cannot be controlled by space nor time. Since it is a living experience, it is always in the present.


If we are to get there, the mind must be silenced. When the mind can be silenced One of the simplest ways to set right things in the womb, is to set right your relationship with your parents. If that happens, all that happened in the womb gets cleaned up and then the divine walks in to your life.


One of the simplest ways to set relationships right with your parents is to start experiencing them. Like you go to the beach and you see the waves in the ocean, you see the breeze coming in. How would you experience that? Or you're eating a nice dish, how do you experience that? Similarly, let us say your father is shouting. Even enjoy it as if it is the roar of the lion. Your mother is doing something and you should turn that into something very beautiful.


And you must begin to experience those things, those moments that could be painful to you. You must experience them as though it's not your mother or your father that are in charge. They are very beautiful beings. This is not a difficult practice. I've seen thousands in India do this in a month's time. Thereafter the person has not changed, YOU'VE changed.

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