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Sri Bhagavan - Oneness is like sugar

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on November 1, 2012 at 1:50 PM

Q.) Can you please help me to reconcile being a faithful Christian who believes in the Bible (that is, that it is "the Word" of God) with Oneness and you as an Avatar? I very much want to have both as part of my life and do not want to choose one or the other. Specifically, I would like to know how you think Christians can think about the Bible's statement that "the only way to the Father is through Jesus." This may be the single most important interpretation of my life so I thank you for your most helpful wisdom on this subject.


SRI BHAGAVAN: "I have often said that Oneness is like sugar, and you could add it to anything you want, coffee or tea or whatever it is. So Oneness could be added to Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism. So Oneness is my concept for the big ( ?... ) ; it can be added onto anything....... when 2012 comes, Christians will discover Christ Consciousness, Buddhists will discover Buddha Consciousness, and Muslims will discover Islamic Consciousness. So what you are going to discover will depend on your faith.


And as regards the other statement that Christ is the way, Christians, if they are very (?), they will certainly make it to a place where they will be able to see and talk with Christ. Where in fact, it has already happened to quite a few, who can already see and talk to Christ. So Christians would make it the Christian way, Buddhists the Buddhist way, and a Hindu the Hindu way. So, all depends upon how faithful you are to your faith. That's why we do not give you a simplistic faith - we want your Christianity, your Islam, your Buddhism, your Jainism. ........

and we want to serve people of different faiths, and so, there is no conflict there."

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