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Sri Bhagavan - go inside and discover what is hidden

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on November 2, 2012 at 5:20 PM

SRI BHAGAVAN: "This learning is basically unlearning. To unlearn,the brain needs 21 days. And on 22nd day on wards you find it is becoming quite easy. Then you will discover tremendous things about yourself.


That is why I often tell when you go inside what you will discover is that you are a rubbish pit and a septic tank. All that is hidden under the carpet there. All that will come out, you will confront it,accept it and strangely you will love it.


The beauty is whatever is the content is not important. Can you look at it, see it, accept it, love it.That's all. Then something very strange happens. A strange peace fills you. There is no inner conflict. Not only you accept yourself, you accept the other. Not only you love yourself, you love the other. And people around you, you will notice their behavior is changing towards you.


Not only that,long standing problems, financial problems, health problems would remarkably cease to exist. You must try it.


What you are not doing is, you are understanding teachings intellectually but you are not sitting down and applying it. Please start applying it.

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