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Sri Bhagavan - Your thoughts are not your thoughts

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on November 9, 2012 at 9:45 AM

Q. Bhagavan, the kind of thoughts I have, the kind of feelings I have, are they all designed by God? Is God putting those thoughts inside me? Is God putting desire into me? Is God putting violence into me?


SRI BHAGAVAN: "All these thoughts come from the thought sphere. The thought sphere is as old as man and every single thought of every being that has ever been on this planet is recorded there and it is still there. These thoughts are flowing into and out of you. What thoughts are flowing inside you and what thoughts are flowing out of you depends on your health condition, the place in which you are staying, the people around you and many other factors.


It is like tuning into a television channel. There are so many channels there and you could tune in to any channel. If you tune into a channel called negative thoughts, you will be getting so many negative thoughts. If you tune into a channel called violent thoughts, you will be getting those thoughts.


Once you get this insight that you are not your thoughts, and these thoughts are not yours, then strangely you will find that you tune into a channel that is broadcasting silence and you receive that silence. Otherwise you would be getting these thoughts and they are as old as man.


They are not your thoughts. Some body could have had fear ten thousand years ago as he was being been chased by a tiger. That thought could now enter you. It would not be fear of the tiger but it would be fear of the share market. But the same fear comes into you like that. Once you realize that your thoughts are not your thoughts, you could actually see how they are coming, how they are flowing through you and then you become very detached. That is how you could be free of these things."

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