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Sri Bhagavan - How to love myself

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on December 7, 2012 at 11:50 AM

Q.) Dear Bhagavan, how can I come to love myself? I have realized that all my material and psychological problems are directly associated with non-acceptance of myself. Being your channel to transfer your love to other people, how I can come to love myself?

SRI BHAGAVAN: "We have said in the external world you've got to be active, in the inner world you've got to be passive. Now, what's happening here is, you've realized that you're not able to accept yourself, that you're not able to love yourself. Up to that point it's OK. But the problem is, you're trying to accept yourself, you're trying to love yourself. That's because you have condemned the fact that you do not accept yourself. You've condemned the fact that you do not love yourself. That is not the oneness teaching. What the oneness teaching is saying is: see, look, be aware of the fact that you do not accept yourself, intensely aware. Be intensely aware of the fact that you do not love yourself. If you were to condemn it, if you were to try to change it, nothing is going to happen.It is simply that awareness. You should not even think it is bad. If you say "Oh, it's very bad, I do not accept myself. I must accept myself." - that is not awareness. That comes under contemplation.

Awareness is just to see what is going on. What it is, is of no consequence, is of no matter at all."


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