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Sri Bhagavan - Afraid to die

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on December 12, 2012 at 11:50 AM

Bhagavan, so many people are afraid to die, especially when they are conditioned by beliefs about hell, if they have done something bad, or even believe that they have done something bad, that they will go to hell. What actually happens to people as they make that passage?Sri Bhagavan:What happens is that as people die and they are very scared of hell or of being judged by God, then very often they do not continue their journey. They get stuck in the earth sphere as earthbound spirits. That is an unfortunate thing that is happening. If people of different faiths do the necessary rituals and ceremonies then it is definitely possible to help them. But more important would be to make them talk to God and realize that God is very friendly and is not going to standin judgment over them. But this is going to require a shift in man’s thinking. I think that’s the best way to liberate man. He has to get friendly with his God, otherwise there is needless trouble.

The process of dying is a very beautiful process. But for most people, it takes about three days to realize they are dead. Somehow it takes that much time. That’s why people have to go through ceremonies to help them realize they are dead and then to prepare them for their journey to meet God. So if that can take place it is very easy. But if on the other hand fear is put into the person they will hang around. Then they will have to be helped!

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