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Sri Bhagavan - Enviromental catastrophe and enlightenment

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on February 7, 2013 at 9:40 AM

Question: Bhagavan, Many scientists are predicting global warming, possible ice age or a major environmental catastrophe. You on the other hand are so sure of planetary enlightenment.


Sri Bhavagan: Their predictions are quiet true, but what they are not aware of is that we have seen in our visions a great transformation sweeping across the planet, which in turn prevents these things from happening, and already we are seeing signs of people becoming enlightened.


We have seen it in some Indian villages how it’s able to spread rapidly and the consequences on the environment. We are able to see on a very small scale.So from that we are able to predict that on a global scale this transformation is going to occur, which is what is going to save the earth.


If that does not happen then what the scientists are predicting would very well come true. But there is no need for them to lose hope because things are going to change dramatically.


In a very unexpected way, things are going to change. That's why in fact we are telling people, “the house in fire, let us move faster, let's hurry up”.


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