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Sri Bhagavan - Intent, Effort and Grace

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on April 10, 2013 at 10:50 AM

Dear Bhagavan, I am confused about different teachings. On one hand "I" should go into helplessness and open up for the divine to do it (for me), another teaching says that I cannot expect the Divine to do everything, so that I still have to do things.


Sri Bhagavan: Intent and effort is yours. Grace is from the Divine. You cannot do anything without intent and effort. For example one gentleman once came to me. He told me: I want a particular piece of land. I told him: Go ahead, I will help you. He said: No, no. He said: I will not move out of my house. Somebody must buy the land, come to me, bring it to my house and bring it to me. I told him: That is not possible. So you have your role to play, the Divine has its role to play. When we say helpless it does not mean doing anything. It only means certain things you cannot do. There the Divine comes in. But some basic things you have got to do. Of course there are some exceptional cases. Like that man should go and see a lot. He should go and raise funds, then the Divine would help him everywhere. There are a few people who we know, when they want some money they exactly tell AmmaBhagavan, this is the money we want. And, believe it or not, the cash appears in their hands. Not once in a while, every day. And these have an excellent bond with the Divine, and so this is happening. If one does not have this kind of a bond, one has to put an intent and effort

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