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Sri Bhagavan - Accepting your negative side

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on April 27, 2013 at 12:10 AM

SRI BHAGAVAN: "There will be a negative side to you, which you are all the time masking because you can't exhibit it in public. There are terrible things going on inside because people don't know what would happen. So, there is this negative side, you've got to accept it and not say it is bad or good. It is there, that's all. You've got to take a neutral stand. If you say, ok, it's very good, or something's wrong with it; you could say it's very bad. That also is not alright. It is there. You cannot do anything about it. Because then you realize change is impossible.


Now, when change is impossible what do you do? You just keep quiet and keeping quiet is the solution.


So, for this to happen, you must first probe; through probing how do you know what's inside there? So, bravely, go ahead. The blessing will help you to go inside, see a lot of things which you've never imagined before. This is what all the great ones have done. Be it a Buddha, or a Christ. They have done this. They have gone inside. They have seen what is there and they've said, let it be so. When you say, let it be so,you become free of it. It is there, but you're free of it.


This you should practice. You'll see tremendous changes happening to you, most of all conflict will slowly cease. As conflict ceases, slowly something will happen. You'll begin to feel connected and then when you begin to feel connected you'll find that thought subsides, and that which thought cannot touch will start expressing itself. Because that which will come in cannot be touched by thought because it's not a concept, it is not a belief, it is not a view. It is not even an experience, the mind always experiences, no. It is something very living,what you call the present. It's very, very living. That would kick in. That would come in of its own and that is the benediction we are talking about.To get there you have to move step by step: go inside, discover, accept, love. It's an automatic sequence. It does not require great time, energy and effort. Only the first phase takes time, energy and effort; and if you use the blessing is gets quite fast. Thereafter, no time is required, no energy is required, no effort is required."

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