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Sri Bhagavan - everything happens automatically

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on April 27, 2013 at 8:15 PM

Q.) When you say "everything happens automatically" do you mean when in the awakened state? Is it also all happening automatically for unawakened people too?! I'm concerned that we all do nothing because we sit back and say "well it all happens automatically and I have to be helpless so the divine can take over." Is the world in the state it's in because the mind believes it is in control and if the mind could accept everything was happening automatically we would awaken?


SRI BHAGAVAN: "Whether you are awakened or unawakened all things happen automatically. These teachings are there not to be practiced. You cannot practice and see things happening automatically or sit back and say all things are happening automatically. Once you are awakened you will see that all things are happening automatically. Not that you sit back and keep quiet. You will be most active once you are awakened, but you will see things as though they are happening automatically. These teachings are not to be practiced at all. They are there only to help you realise that you are awakened or better still, that you are not awakened. If you were to practice these teachings you would get into serious trouble because they cannot be practiced."

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