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Sri Bhagavan - Truth, integrity, awareness

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on April 27, 2013 at 8:15 PM

Q.) Sri Bhagavan, what is the relationship between TRUTH, INTEGRITY & AWARENESS?


SRI BHAGAVAN: "Truth is things that are static, like "I am this, I am that," so it is something like a frozen picture of inner integrity. Whereas inner integrity is something alive, more like a motion picture. You can think of truth as a static picture taken from a camera, video picture, something very alive, where you are observing what is going on inside that is inner integrity which gives you a moment to moment. It is not static. So if you can get in touch with the motions of the mind, the movement of the mind, then you can say you are in inner integrity. But then you are not in some confusion about yourself where you say "Yes I am that, I am this" then you will say that is true.But then awareness is as you go deeper and deeper into inner integrity, you do not expect anything at all. You are not waiting for anything. You are not condemning anything. You are not naming anything as 'this is bad - this is good." The process of naming stops. When the naming stops the mind can no more function. The problem is you say this is jealousy. "Yes jealousy is bad, I must believe that I have jealousy, I must get somewhere." As I keep repeating and so on, there is nowhere to go - there is nothing to achieve. All that is there is, are you aware of what is going on? What is going on is not at all important, because you have no control over it. That is part of collective consciousness, which is like a huge ocean on which the waves are arising and ceasing, so you have no control over it. Someone in Beijing could talk and could very well affect you in Auckland or wherever you are, so we are all connected and you have no control over it, you merely a sub-system, an individual, who is part of a larger thing called the system, so you have literally no control of these things, all you can do is, you could just be aware of what is going on. If you are aware, at that moment, you are awakened. At that moment you are enlightened. If you lose it the next moment it's gone. So it will again come back and again you could loose it and as you keep growing in awareness, the periods become longer in time and if it is still growing, its probably there all the time. So what is going on - if even an enlightened man can have a lustful thought. Then what happens is that he does not name it as lustful, no naming is going on, nor does he tamper with it, nor does he condemn it, he is just watching it, that's all. To watch, is to be aware. To watch is to be awakened. To watch is to be enlightened. That is all. You are imagining that in doing that, you are going to get somewhere. There is nowhere to go. There is just the watching, that is all and the whole moment is as such that there will come a time where the whole universe become alive and that we are moving into a state of awareness, including physical matter which of course is in the future. So you should not try to get anywhere, the mistake you are making again and again, you are thinking there is somewhere to get to. There is nowhere - where can you go. You can only be where you are. That is why I say the first step is the last step. There is no second step. So you are worried about the content. There is no need to worry about the content. Worrying about content, is the problem. You say - "oh my God my mind is so terrible, this is happening, that is happening." That is the problem, there is no problem with your thoughts, at all. It is your worry about those thoughts. They are there. That is all. You can't do anything about them. The question is, are you aware and for that you must stop blaming. I could talk more about it, but then that will become a concept and you could get into a trap, so all I will tell you is, the content is not important. There is nowhere to go. Are you aware of the content? That is all, that is awareness."

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