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Sri Bhagavan - OM, Presence and mind

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on April 30, 2013 at 10:20 AM

Q.) Dear Beloved Bhagavan! Since I came to know You and the Oneness University my life has become a sheer miracle, and there are no words, dear Father, to express my gratitude for all You’ve been doing! During the OMs it happens so as if I am becoming a different being, whose ability to feel and perceive this world is completely different. It is hard to find words which can depict these experiences. They are like very subtle tinges of love, tenderness, compassion, awe and wonder. Dear Bhagavan, could You please tell us what is it that is happening to us? How can we hold onto these states and reproduce them any moment we want to? Thank You so much!



SRI BHAGAVAN: "What is happening to you in the Oneness Meditation is you actually receive the Presence. Acceptance, the absence of conflict, love, joy, compassion – all these are qualities of the Presence. When you get the Presence, you also get these qualities. They are not your qualities. They are qualities of the Presence. But what you must do is you must anchor the Presence. You could use sight, sound, smell or touch to anchor the Presence. By frequently using the anchor, you could frequently move into the Presence.

Once the Presence has become quite strong then you must ask the Presence “please stop my mind.” As you keep doing it your mind will stop. The mind will stop very frequently thereafter. And finally it will stop for long durations of time. After that it’s all over. You become awakened. Thereafter you become one with the Presence. That is God Realization. But all that happens automatically. All that you must get is the Presence. Once you get it, you will know how to get it more frequently. You’ve done all that you could possibly do.

The teachings we’ve already given you. These teachings will be made a reality by the Presence. These teachings are not to be practiced. They cannot be practiced. When we say “accept your Father,” it does mean you pray and accept your father. All that it means is acceptance of your father must happen. And only the Presence could make it happen. Your accepting your father is quite artificial . That won’t carry you far. The maximum you could do is you could stay with the “what is.” That is the process. The Presence has to come in. When the Presence comes in the teaching becomes reality. That is why it is important you either go to a Oneness Awakening course before you go to a Oneness Meditation, or you go to a Oneness Awakening Course after you’ve gone to a Oneness Meditation.

The Presence will bring a teaching to a reality. For example, the teaching is: your thoughts are not your thoughts, your body is not your body, your mind is not your mind. Are these a reality to you? Can you make it happen? No, not at all. Once the Presence comes in strongly, it happens. The key is getting the Presence, and Oneness Meditation is very powerful in giving you the Presence."

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