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Sri Bhagavan - Still of Energy, acceptance

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on May 5, 2013 at 8:45 PM

SRI BHAGAVAN: "Joy depends on only one factor,that is the stillness of energy.Energy is still then there is acceptance.And before you accept you must know it is there.So what is there is totally unimportant.That is why I am telling you God does not judge you.When HE does not judge you,why do you judge yourself.


The human mind which has got a self will have these emotions,will have these feelings.It is part of the human mind,it is its basic nature.There is nothing you can do about it,there is nothing you should do about it.


All that you should do is 'Ahaa! See it is there,yes! yes! it is there.Embrace it because it is there,be friends with it,accept it.


And when you do that all conflict ceases.When there is no conflict,energy is not wasted.When energy is there,that only is joy and happiness.


It is no use doing some pranayama,this thing,that thing.These things ofcourse have their own effect,but then again you are going to get into conflict,again the problem is going to start.It could give you temporary relief.


If you want permanent relief,you must learn not to struggle with yourself which means to accept whatever is there.


When ever you confront these things,whether it is fear or anger or lust,what ever that is,they start telling you a story.Once the story is told there is no more problem.You must wait till the story is complete.That is what happens with life.You have to confront,accept,then it will tell you its story,then you become free."


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