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Bhagavan's message on 21's feb

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on February 25, 2010 at 11:36 AM

Here's Bhagavan's message on 21's feb,


Bhagavan, it is said that 'life is a game it has to be played', how do we really play it?

Sri Bhagavan Answered:

You are here basically to enjoy yourselves. Why should the universe exist at all?

Have you not seen Nataraja's dance? he is merrily dancing isn't it! itis the Dance of creation. He is simply celebrating life. So, each onehas to find out how to celebrate this life? what comes your way acceptit and enjoy it.

You have to create what you want. Life could be divided into 4 phases.

Inthe 1st phase of life, you are expected to acquire knowledge andmaintain your body healthy and strong. In this phase of life you mustbe focused on education, acquiring skills, and preparing for thefuture.

In the 2nd phase, you must acquire wealth, getmarried, have children, perform your responsibilities towards yourfamily, enjoy the world and fulfill your desires.

In the 3rdphase, if you are really fulfilled in your life, craving would haveceased. in this phase you could be with your family but should feeldetached from your family. You must serve the world. You must beconcerned about people, but nothing personal should be there.

Inthe last and final phase of your life you should not be attached to theworld. this is the phase in which you seek liberation. You cannot justcontinue in the 1st phase of life, because it would soon becomemeaningless.

Therefore you must move on to the 2nd phase andembrace its pleasures and pains. This too would soon loose its meaningand therefore you move on to the 3rd phase of serving people. This toowould ultimately stop giving satisfaction. It is then that you move onto liberation.

Hopefully, if you are awakened, the samemountains, the same stars you saw earlier would look very different.You could enjoy the world and simply pass away from this world. this isthe game of life. But on the other hand you are taking it veryseriously. There must be liberation from work. It does not mean notdoing work. You dont see it as work any more. You see it as play. Soyou must see everyting as a game. You must know everything is a passingphase. Everything will come to an end soon because there is nothingpermanent.

Order will move into disorder, disorder will moveinto order. Weak men may become strong, strong men could become week.Intelligent people may become unintelligent, unintelligent may becomeintelligent. Love could become hate, hate could become love. This isthe law of the universe. You cant stop these things. So you have toaccept them. If you accept them you would start enjoying life. Youwould be playing with it. That is the thrill of living.

Everythingultimately is like the onion. If you go on peeling onion you find thereis nothing in the end. Similarly, if you go on peeling lifesexperiences, consciousness, God, or anything in the end you would feelthere is nothing but Silence.

Life is mystery to be lived nota riddle to be solved or understood. Thats all there is to it. Allthings emerge from that silence and return to that silence. You toowould eventually merge into that silence from which you emerged in the1st instance.

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