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Sri Bhagavan describes how he experiences the world

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on July 30, 2013 at 11:35 AM

SRI BHAGAVAN: "See, my position is like this-Suppose there is a dog out there, you are beating the dog, I will actually experience the pain of the dog. Somebody is going in this campus who is in depression, I will experience that depression.That is my natural state. Now in that kind of a state it is impossible to function. Similarly, say you are in Dubai and you are having some tremendous frustration, if I think of you, I will myself experience that frustration.

Now, you must know there are millions of devotees and even non-devotees also I will be feeling. So is it possible for me to function?So I wear a shield, like we wear clothes, which prevents the suffering from directly hitting me. That is how I manage to function. But at the same time I cannot be wearing the shield all the time also. There are times when the shield is off. Then the pain really hits. I experience the pain of the others. And then as it becomes unbearable, the shield again comes on. As the shield comes on, it is like anesthesia, no, you don't feel the pain.

But at the same time, to give full grace, I cannot be wearing the shield all the time. So I want to give grace, remove the shield, give the grace and then put on the shield.

Similarly, I am also giving you enlightenment in such a way that there is some kind of a shield for you because once you become enlightened the same thing will happen to you also. So, but then how are you going to function in the world? Therefore there is an inbuilt shield. That kind of enlightenment we are giving you, though now and then the shield will go off for you also, then you will begin to feel the pain of the others. Because we are all one, we are all connected. Like all the cells are there,no,but which ever cell is having the problem, you feel the pain. Isn't it? Similarly, every body will feel everybody's pain, but that I cannot do right now because there is too much pain in the world.

May be in the golden age all can live without shield."

VIDEO LINKhttp://www.onenessecuador.com/apps/videos/videos/show/18094848-sri-bhagavan-describes-how-he-experiences-the-world

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