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Sri Bhagavan - Universe runs in System and Subsystem

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on August 9, 2013 at 10:55 AM

SRI BHAGAVAN: "The Universe runs on the principle of interdependence. Inbuilt into its existence is the system and the subsystem. The system affects the subsystem and the subsystem in turn affects the system.


You find this principle running through civilizations, nations, communities, organizations and families.


In the context of education society symbolizes the system and the school the subsystem. The kind of society you are going to have depends on the form and structure of education that is imparted in schools.


As educators, every one of you carry the sacred responsibility of fabricating an effective educational system that not only equips students to meet societal challenges, but that which molds them into human beings with a greater sense of value and inner freedom.


Nurture the child with utmost care and concern so that it becomes natural for the child to reciprocate love.


Help the child to accept its failures that it naturally gains strength to face life's challenges.


Trust the child so that it also learns to trust.


Embrace the child when it wrongs, so that it learns the beautiful art of forgiveness.


Above all teach the need to be integral to itself, that the child learns to confront its emotions, thoughts, inadequacies and inabilities.


Truth will empower the child with enormous power, courage and intelligence to handle life.


Naturally, through the course of life you would find the child flowering into a successful being. Remember, it is not for you just to advise, but to live what you advise for the child to learn from you.


As teachers, who you are would model their future for they become what they see.


An appropriate role model would help in generating the right kind of thoughts in the child and thoughts shape one's action.


Repetitive actions give rise to habits.


Habits shape one's values.


Values shape one's character.


And character molds destiny.


Such being the cause of a great destiny, be what you preach."


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