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3-Chamber Process Q&A with Anandji

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on January 13, 2014 at 7:10 PM


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Question 1: There are so many spiritual guru in India, why there are still so many social problems and crimes in India? Why is it so? What is the reason behind it?



Anandji: All these things happened when people get transformed. People should get transformed then only the country will changed. Many guru, many spiritual masters and teachers have been trying to transform the people. Definitely that are having some impacts to the people. But for real transformation to happen, that time also should come. These Spiritual Masters, they are like light life, they keep the lights and they keep the balance, that’s all. But for the man to be real transformed, the time should come. Then the teachings and the sadhanas will become very powerful and great to yourself. So man does not create times, times create man. So this happen in the previous age. Some of you heard about Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna was there on the planet and he was at a very good and wonderful Age and Iron Age was about to come. Iron Age is the Age we are living now. So it is at the end of the previous Age and the Iron Age was about to come. At the previous Age, the people were very good and people were helping each other, it was a wonderful age. One incident happened at that time. There was a man who is selling his land to another man. So this man bought this land and he was digging the land. While he was digging the land, he found there was a treasure in the land. A box full of gold coins. So this man brought this box and gave it to the previous owner and told the previous owner to take this box as the land was belong to him and he should take the box of gold coins. The previous owner refuse to take it and said no no no. I sold the land to you and this treasure should belong to you. But this man said no no no I only bought this land and not the treasure so you should have the treasure. Both people are fighting. They go to the King. The King listened to the problem and asked them to come back after few days. Both people came back after 1 week. Now the whole situation has changed. The man who bought the land told the previous owner this treasure belong to him. The man who sold the land said no no no and saying he only sold the land and not the treasure, so the treasure belong to him. The King was confused. He told them this treasure belong to the Kingdom. He took the treasure. After that, he went to Lord Krishna and tell her the whole story. Lord Krishna and then said the time has come. The Iron Age has come, it has arrived. That’s why people also changing. So the time only create people. Now we are entering a New Age. Now we are going to shift to the New Golden Age. People are slowly to get into transformed. Now all these spiritual practices and sadhanas will bear very good results. You will receive lots of grace. The country will also be changed. This is very important. The time should come.



Question 2: When the physical AmmaBhagavan manifest in our home, do they need a place to sleep? Is the sofa good enough for them to rest? Thank you very much.



Anandji: The new phenomenon, the age is changing and we are entering the Golden Age. The most important thing will happen in Golden Age is your Divine will become physical to you. If you are praying for AB, AB will become physical from the Sri Murthi. If you are praying to Christ, Christ will become physical. If you are praying to Kuan Yin, Kuan Yin will become physical. So this will be the new phenomenon to be happened and it is already happened in India. So this phenomenon is most likely going to start in Malaysia and Singapore by end of December. So we are going to introduce a new process. We are going to do this process in the place called Oneness Center in different parts of Malaysia and Singapore. All the existing centers you can also apply and for those whom wanted to start the centers at their home also can apply, we will be selecting you. In these centers, we will be doing special process. Anybody who wants their Divine to be physically, they can go through this process. As you go through this process, your Divine will become physical to you.


In this process, there will be 3 chambers. The 1st chamber, we will be preparing you with some teachings and rituals, we will be preparing you. Then you will be going to the 2nd chamber. At the 2nd chamber, there will be Padukas. You will be prepared and receiving Deeksha from the Padukas and the Padukas will be doing the process for you. We called it Sansasudin. All the negative programs and negative charges which obstruct your Divine to be physical to you will be removed. In this chamber, many things will be happen, your past life karmas will be cleansed. Part life charges will be cleansed. If you have any disease, disease will be healed. It will be a very powerful process. All cancer and health problems can be healed in this chamber. Once sufficient process is done, you will be completely cleansed and then you will be taking to the 3rd chamber. At the 3rd chamber, there will be Sri Murthy. In the Sri Murthy, your Divine will be come out physically. You will be able to see your Divine. You can also listen to your Divine. Depends on your conditions, which religions you come from, or which God you are believing in, and God will be physical to you. Then it is all over and your Divine will be permanent with you. You will be in touched with your Divine all the times. Your Divine will be with you in your house. Your Divine will go to your workplace, if you have any problems in your work, your Divine will be helping you. Like I say, if you are studying, you are a student, your Divine will be all the times guiding you. Your Divine will be running business for you. Like I say, if your business is not doing well, not very successful. Your Divine will be take over from you, your Divine will run and your business will become very successful. You have a health problem, your Divine will be completely heal you. You have financial problem, the Divine will solve your financial problem. You want to be awakened, your Divine will give you Deeksha for awakening quickly. You want God Realization, more connected to your God, your Divine will give you Deeksha and your God Realization process will start. You want your heart to flower, your Divine will give you Deeksha so that your heart will flowered. Anything and everything, your Divine will give it to you. Your Divine will become so physical to you.


Today I heard from a girl who is from Singapore. She were telling how she forgot all the answers for her exam. And AB is her Divine. So AB wrote the exam. AB guided her and wrote the exam, she doesn’t know any answer for the exam. She didn’t know anything but she wrote 3 pages of the exam and AB drew the diagrams and did everything for her. She was surprised and when she went home and read the book, all the written answers were written exactly the same as the book. She doesn’t know anything.


And in India, AB is so physical to this lady. AB is staying in her house, Amma is staying inside the house and Bhagavan is going out everyday to buy all the food and groceries that needed for the house and bring back to the home. She did not spend any money and Bhagavan spends his own money. She is not buying or repairing anything in the house and Bhagavan is taking care of the family.


In another family, Bhagavan is running the business. This man is running corn business. He grows corns and sells in the market. AB always guiding him of what to do and what not to do. One day, he got all the corns and on the way to the market for selling. But Bhagavan blocked his vehicle and told him not to sell it now. Asked him to sell it after a week as the price will be going up. He sold after one week and he got RUPEE 300,000 for his profit.


There is a Oneness Center at India called 60 beds hospital. Anybody with health problem will go to this Oneness Center. So they go there and they will go through the process and they will completely knock down. All healings will happen and they will be put on the beds. And 60 people will be going through one after another one, they will be healed. Everyday 60 people will get healed. Everyday these 60 people will healed by AB.


So this is how it is happening everywhere in India. And this will be start happening in December. AB or your Divine will become physical and your Divine will take over and take care of your life. But you should also taking care of your Divine. As your Divine is physical, you should give food to your Divine and give your Divine a place to rest. Depends on your relationship with your Divine, your Divine will be friendly with you. Like for example if you are a bachelor, you don’t have sufficient space for your Divine, your Divine will be sleeping just beside you. You can give a sofa to your Divine, your Divine will be lay down on the sofa. But if you can provide a nice bed for your Divine, your Divine can rest on the bed. Then you won’t be suffering in your life. You are like the king of the universe. Everything you want in your life, you will get it. Your life will become very easy. That is Golden Age. Golden Age man will walking and talking with God. The God become so physical, the God will transform you. So you cannot escape.


There is one lady in India always shouting to everybody. Bhagavan become physical to her. And Bhagavan warn her and saying :’ I no more taking such behavior from you. No more adjustments. I won’t adjust. You have to stop your behavior. If you shout again in your house, I will leave this house. You should not raise your voice.” This lady was frightened. And she told Bhagavan she won’t shout and please don’t go. Bhagavan said this is my house and you should not shout in this house. So from there on, she never raise her voice. One day, her husband wanted to go out and she wanted to ask him to get some items from the shop. But without tell her, he walked out from the house. She wanted to call him but Bhagavan told him not to raise your voice. He left the house. She talked to Bhagavan what is all this. You asked me not to raise my voice and how to call him without raising the voice. I don’t know and I want vegetables today and Bhagavan you should do something. And the husband who already went out and came back and asked her, did you call me? Bhagavan called him in her own voice. Your Divine will become so physical, so alive and so real to you. So this is the New Age. Are you ready for this? But then you won’t have any freedom. You cannot behave like what you are behaving now. Are you all ready? If you are not ready, then you have to suffer in your life. Do you want to suffer or you want your Divine to run your life? What do you want? This is what going to be happened.


So now you all can start to giving names who want to run this center. They should be trainers and only trainers able to do it. So they have to send their names to us and the Divine will be selecting you. And we will be training you to run these centers. That is the new phenomenon.



Question 3: Are the 3 rooms to be 3 physical rooms?


Anandji: Yes. They can be 3 individual rooms or even partitioned.



Question 4: Can everybody go through this process?


Anandji: Anybody can go. Deeksha Giver or non Deeksha Giver, new people also can go.


For this special deepening, which is 10 days away, we are going to start this phenomenon. Those people who coming for this deepening, we will initiate them in this process. For them, we will taking them through this process. And the Divine will become physical.


We will be having this special deepening and we will be having this phenomenon and process for your awakening and God Realization. We will be starting the process here and slowly by end of December, we will also start in Malaysia. Of course for those who will be coming to this Special Deepening will be a big wave as it will be better to have the process at OU. The preparation can be done and it will be very powerful for you.


So nobody is afraid and everybody is ready? If you are afraid, the Divine won’t be physical to you. You should love your Divine and you want your Divine, so that the Divine will be physical to you. The Divine will be so friendly and love you so much. The Divine will take care and protect you so much. Like in the house, Amma cooks everyday for that lady. So physical. In India, the Divine become physical is already common. Initially you may be afraid, but it will become common and your life will be so enjoyable. You won’t have any confusion in life and being guided. For example for people in the OU, so whatever decision we want to take, we asked the Divine. For example, we are building a fountain, we asked the Divine, what colour, what paints should be applied on it and the Divine will choose the colour.


So you will be fully protected and guided. Anyway, we are going very slowly as you are afraid. We will be preparing the people in the Deepening. So they won’t have fears and out of the fears and they will living physically with the Divine. The Divine not only help you, but will also help others.



Question 5: When the Divine become physical, does it mean the Divine will be with me all the times or when I call the Divine, the Divine comes? What does it mean physical?


Anandji: Initially the Divine may be coming now and then. Sometimes the Divine will come and response, whenever you call, the Divine will come. But slowly it will become 24 hours and permanently.



Question 6: Will everybody in the house see the Divine also?


Anandji: It depends. It may only happen to 1 person in the house but slowly when the Divine become more physical, everybody will be able to experience, and then everybody will be able to see. For example, there is one place in India. The Divine is so physical in the house. So you can speak or phone the Divine. There is a phone number, you called the phone number, and the person in the house will answer and will leave the phone to the Sri Murthy. You can speak to AB and AB will speak back to you. The number of people has increasing so much and guides not able to get through and the phone number always get busy. So AB said they want separate lines for guides. This is my personal number and I will only speak to guides through this phone number. Whenever you want to speak to AB, you call this number and you speak.



Question 7: My Divine is AmmaBhagavan and my mum’s Divine is Jesus. If my Divine becomes physical at my place, and when my mum come, will my mum experience Jesus here also?


Anandji: Jesus, AB or Allah, everybody are all the same God, only one God. Depends on the person condition, they will see their God or the God they are believing. For example, there was a Skype Darshan with Koreans. One Korean saw Jesus was speaking while Bhagavan was speaking. Sometimes AB may appear as your father. So the Divine may come in the form of the person wants or the Divine will choose the form to come.

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Reply Consuelo Quintero
9:49 AM on March 23, 2014 
Thank you for this 3 chamber information, I have went to Chennay for a Deepining I was awaken and I been in bliss since then. I love my new being.