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Darshan with Sri Bhagavan: 22 February 2014 - -London, Paris & Toronto-

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on June 26, 2014 at 12:15 AM

(english - video link)

Transcription Laura Orozco Kiciri, and Noni Kaufman with Sanskrit phrases by Sudha Rao

Editing by Noni Kaufman

Sent by Noni Kaufmann



Q1. Please explain to us the meaning of this Mahavakaya. "It is not enough to know that I exist. You must know me personally."

Let us say you go to the airport, you find somebody there and then it so happens in the plane you are sitting next to him. You do not know who he is. And then suddenly you come to know that he is your Prime Minister. But then that is not enough. You have to talk to him, get to know more about him, get to understand him. And there is so much more to relate to him. Only then we will say, you are beginning to realize who he is. Otherwise, the mere idea that he is the Prime Minister of your country is not going to help.

Similarly in the Swarna Yuga Devalayam where your God becomes physical to you, that is not sufficient. You must build up that bond with that God, you must relate to that God, you must express your desires to that God, you must talk about your problems to that God, and you must build up a relationship. Only then you will know who actually your God is.

That's why we are saying it is not enough if you just know God, but you have got to relate to God. So it has to be a life long relationship. So first of course your God must become physical and then you begin to interact. First, once in awhile, then on a daily basis and finally you must come to a point where your God is handling all your problems and all your desires. Once that happens, you begin to build up a strong bond or relationship with him. Then we can say you are beginning to know your God. Even then we cannot say you completely know about your God.

Because your God is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient. So all that you have to discover only through continuously relating to him like you could continuously relate to the man who was Prime Minister, you'll know how powerful he is and what all he could do. Similarly you'll know more and more about your God. As you come to know more and more about your God, we call that God realization.

Q2. Sri AmmaBhagavan says "respect woman and you will get my grace immediately." Sri Bhagavan, can you please explain to us the connection if we respect woman how could it help in the upliftment of the nation?

A human being at any time could live in any one of 9 different levels of consciousness. So when you live in lower levels of consciousness, you have some kinds of problems. As you go up in your level of consciousness, those problems would disappear. So, the more you function from higher levels of consciousness you will naturally find your problems are getting solved or they're getting dissolved.

One of the easiest ways to move into higher levels of consciousness is to give significance to women and to respect them. When you do that in case you do not have that, it does not matter. You could start practicing it. As you start practicing it, it will become your natural quality. You'll actually begin to give them significance and respect and strangely you'll discover you're going up in your levels of consciousness. And as you go up in your levels of consciousness, those problems that have been troubling you will start disappearing and where there is failure earlier, you'll discover success. It comes very very easily though in the beginning, it could be difficult for people who cannot respect women, they could find it difficult. But if you can manage it, nothing like that. You'll get the benefits very very fast. You could try it and see.

Q3. In the Mahavakyas, Sri Bhagavan says "when I do judge it is final." But Sri Bhagavan has told us that God is not judgmental. Please give us more clarity on this Bhagavan.

So first of all you must understand, it is not our statement. It is not the statement of AmmaBhagavan. We are only avatars, we are not God. Those are the Mahavakyas of the Paramatma. For example, when your God becomes physical to you, in your Swarna Yuga Devalayam, your God will give those Mahavakyas. Those belong to the Paramatma, not to the Avatars. And what the Paramatma is the saying here is when you are dying, you of course meet the Paramatma in form of light or in the form of God you are worshipping or sometimes your own ancestors, and your whole life is reviewed. As your life is being reviewed, you will be put in the shoes of others, to experience what they experienced. Let us say you're beating your wife or let us say that you killed somebody, that scene will you stop and you will move into the shoes of the other person and made to experience what that person experienced That When You behaved like that. Every little scene will be covered. The whole thing takes about 3 minutes by your watch.

Afterwards, the Paramatma or God does not judge you, you judge yourself. And how do you judge yourself? The way you judged while on earth. Like Christ said, "Judge not, lest you be judged." So, in a similar way, you will you judge yourself. God Does not judge you. You judge yourself the way you judge others while you are on the planet and then you'll decide to which loka you must go. Now, once you've learned your lessons, and the lessons are, you must discover unconditional love. If that lesson is learned, then the Paramatma gives a final judgment. And that is your either you're taken into Vaikunth or Satyaloka or Bhuloka, depending on the God you are worshiping. To get admission into those lokas, you will need the final judgment of your God and that will be based on whether you have discovered unconditional love or not.

Q4. When we are confronted with a problem, what should be our approach towards it? Should we consider it as Lord's sankalpa and console ourselves or look at it as past life karma. What could be the appropriate step to deal with the problem?

A4. Life is a process of learning. You have come down here to learn some lessons. Every problem is designed to teach you a lesson. What you must understand is "Yes, this is my problem. What am I expected to learn?" That is where the teachings come in. The teachings would help you to learn that lesson. To first of all find out what is the lesson you are expected to learn and then finally to learn that lesson. Once the lesson is learned, the problem would either be solved or it would be dissolved.

Q5. What is the importance of Swarna Yuga Devalayam (golden age temple) how will it benefit the people and affect the place itself? Many people are getting Bhagavath Saakshaatkaara (Physical Manifestation of Divine) Experience, but some people are not able to experience Sri AmmaBhgavan physically. What sadhana should such people do to get this experience?

A5. The Swarna Devalayams (Golden Age Chambers/Temples) are a game changer. Humanity has had several game changers that has transformed human life. In the early times, when men invented fire, his life changed. Then he learned how to speak. That changed his life. Then 12,000 years ago, somebody invented agriculture. Then man began to settle down and villages began to emerge and joined families began to emerge. He began to eat cereals. Before that he was not eating cereals. He was only eating hunted animals, nuts and berries and mushrooms. But once agriculture had started, he began to eat cereals. And cereals led to their own complications. Man's brain for example began to shrink because cereals are quite harmful to the body. And then his health began to decline. Earlier he used to live for long periods of time. That was a game changer.

And then of course many things happened. Somebody invented money. Once money was invented, man became very, very greedy and with that he acquired all the vices. He completely degenerated. Then of course came the industrial age which broke up the joint families and led to nuclear families. And then of course came the information age in which you now live and which we see is breaking the nuclear families.

And the next ten, twenty years, there is going to be tremendous technological progress. Unbelievable technological progress. And it's going to change our lives completely. So all these are game changers. Similarly Swarna Yuga Devalayam (Golden Age Temples) is a game changer. So what happens there? We have the three chambers. The first chambers you are prepared and the second or the third chamber the God that you worship becomes physical to you. Very often you have wondered is there God or not, if there is God, why not he come before me, why not he listen to me, why not he solve my problem?

That is exactly what is happening now. If you have worshipped Shiva he is going to come before you. If you are going to worship Lord Buddha, he is going to come before you. Or Rama, or Krishna, or Christ. Or if you are a Muslim and are worshipping Allah, the whole thing will become vacant and you'll feel a strong presence. And if you happen to be a Jew, you would come across a great light. So it depends upon your faith and what God you are worshipping.

But your God becomes physical to you. And you can talk to your God. Your God will explain to you why this problem, why are you suffering and he will say "do this. I will help you out. I'll straight away help you." That is what is happening in Swarna Yuga Devalayams. (Golden Age Temples ) We have now about 700 of these devalayams (Temples) in India. Unbelievable miracles are taking place. You just cannot believe them. But there are some people for whom, not many, but some people for whom God does not become physical. Now it essentially is because they are not childlike. If you are childlike, their Lord will immediately become physical to you. So what should they do They should learn to play with their small children or with their grandchildren. If they do that, they will become childlike. They could also take their children into the Swarna Yuga Devalayams (Golden Age Temples). Instantly, God will become physical to them. Seeing that, you could be shattered and you will get the confidence and for you too, God could become physical.

Your mind is your enemy. But most people nowadays are able to cross that barrier, but those who are very tight inside, very rigid, hese people are finding it difficult. If they loosen up by just playing with children, it becomes very, very easy. And once you build up a bond, thereafter anytime you could talk to your God or anytime become physical. And that God could live in your house. You could give a room. He will live there physically. He could eat with you. He could dine with you. Just like having a being in your house. All people are having that.

So all that is possible. So it's a big breakthrough for man. It's a game changer. And if it's going to happen in one place it can handle all the health problems, financial problems, relationship problems. Whatever problems is there straightaway take the person to the Swarna Yuga Devalayams (golden Age Temples) and then you will see at what speed the problems are getting solved. And the whole area will begin to change. They are seeing it in India. Villages are completely getting transformed. They are no more the same people. Entire Villages have given up drinking. They've given up other things They have become so friendly. And they say they are living in heaven. It is happening and I think it should soon start in your places too.

Q6. It is said that destiny cannot be changed, that our life depends upon planetary positions. How does especially Navagraha Homa (Nine Planets Fire Ritual) help a person to change his life?

A6: Anything could be changed. The universe is a process. It is changing every moment. Your body is a process that is changing every moment. You mind, your thoughts, your consciousness -- everything is changing every moment . There is nothing but change. Change is the essence of life. And in change there is chance. If that is not there, there is no freedom. If there is no freedom, there is no life at all. What gives you life? It is freedom which gives you life. If there is no freedom, you're nothing but a robot, you're nothing but a computer, and there will be no life. Because you have freedom, there is life. And because you have freedom, there is God. Otherwise there is no God at all. How can God interfere if everything were fixed? It's not so at all.

You could change anything you want. Destiny of course, is there but it could be changed. That's the first thing. Planets do affect human life because they act on your nervous system, they act on your brain and they can change the course of your life. But however the Havans ( Havans also mean Homa : Fire Rituals) can negate any negative effects of any particular planet, that's how it works.

Q7. 2012 is the year of Mukthi, 2013 is the year of Bhagavath Sakshaatkaara (Physical Manifestation of Divine) What is the significance of the year of 2014?

A7. In 2014, Oneness will be focused on creating wealth for our people. So it will be focused on wealth. To help you solve your financial problems and to have your desires fulfilled, to make you more prosperous, the entire focus would be on wealth...and once the Swarna Yuga Devalayams (Golden Age Temples/Chamber) start, you will have to go to what we call Swarna Yuga Devalayam (Golden Age Temples/Chambers )where there is Kubera Bhagavathi Bhagavan ( Kubera: Wealth God) where there is any Golden Age chamber/temple which is categorized in wealth and abundance. That is where you have to go.

There will be different Swarna Devalayams (Golden Age Temples )for different things For Karma,(Negative Patterns), Dosha( Sins) Kalyana( Marriage) Bhagavathi Bhagavan so it will be like that. So you will have to go to Kubera ( Wealth God )Bhagavathi Bhagavan and there you must get a blessing to acquire wealth. But before you go there, you must to go to Karma Vimochana ( Liberator of Karma ) Bhagavati Bhagavan. Have your karma cleared....Then you have to go to programming Bhagavathi Bhagavan who will change your program. And if there is any Dosham (Sins) then you have to go to Dosha Vimochana (Liberator of Sins) Bhagavathi Bhagavan. Different Swarna Yuga Devalayams.(Golden Age Temples). You got to get them cleared.

And then finally go to --Sometimes you could have problems with the ancestors. If your ancestors are unhappy with you are going to have financial problems. So you have to go to a ancestral temple, that is Swarna Yuga Devalayams (Golden Age Temples)where your ancestors will come out physically from the Sri Murthi, Your dead ancestors will come out of the Sri Murthi and talk to you. You have got to talk to them and set right the problem. Once that is set right, then you are ready to get a financial boon. Then you go to Kubera (Wealth God) Bhagavathi Bhagavan Devalayam and then ask for wealth. And once they bless you, your financial problems will disappear.

But you have to go step by step you have to go because you could be stuck in karma, you could be stuck in the program, you could be stuck in the Dosham ( Sin) or some ancestor is very unhappy with you. Maybe your father or mother is very unhappy with you. Maybe your grandfather is unhappy with you. Or maybe your mother in law or father in law is unhappy with you. Now they'll come to you. They will come before you face to face.

You think they're dead and gone. They have disappeared, they're not there so why should I think about them, why should I worry about them. I can live as I like. They have given you this body. Your father, your grandfather, great grandfather -- they are responsible for what you are having now. And yet you do not even think about them. You only think about your desires and your pleasures. You care nothing for them and this pains them a lot.

To see how they have worked so hard while on the planet to create you and to do so much for you and because of which you are able to survive so well. And yet you do not even think about them. You do not even take an aarthi for them. You do not put any garland to their picture.You don't do any of these things and they are upset. Because mainly you think, okay they have been burnt off, they have gone to ashes, they have become extinct. Where are they? Or this is only some cock and bull story. But now it is not so. No more stories.

You'll come face to face. If you hurt your mother-in-law, your mother-in-law will come before you, you have got to apologize, fall at her feet, and say sorry. Then only your problem will be cleared. So also the health problems. They cannot be cleared unless your ancestors clear you. Now the game is changing. There is no more escape for you. You have to come face to face with all these realities and truth and then you have got to change. And you will change once you see your dead ancestors coming alive, you will change. And once you change, of course you have learned your lesson and your problem will be solved.

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