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Darshan with Sri Bhagavan and Hong Kong - June 21, 2014

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on June 26, 2014 at 6:35 PM


Sent by: Noni Kaufmann

Sri Bhagavan darshan gathering for Hong Kong Oneness Community (w/English sub-title)


Q1(a). What make those who are fully enlightened so different? Are they not reaching the same state? Some have great humor, some do not. Some teach, some do not. Some tell jokes, some do not. Some laugh and dance, some people remain silent and sit.

Bhagavan: The enlightened ones do not engage in day dreaming. That is what makes them different from the normal person. All normal human beings indulge in day dreaming, whereas the awakened one or the enlightened one does not engage in any kind of day dreaming whatsoever.

Even when you are enlightened, the personality remains. That is why some, after enlightenment, continue to be humorous, some are serious, some become teachers, some become silent, because the personalities continue even after enlightenment.

Q1(b). What makes one become a great enlightened guru (teacher)?

Bhagavan: If the one who was become enlightened, has suffered greatly before enlightenment, he becomes a great teacher.

Q2. Can you give a definition for compassion? Please share with us on how to express compassion, and teach us on how to learn to express it.

Bhagavan: The physical heart has to undergo a physical change to develop compassion. And for that to happen, the brain has to undergo certain changes before the heart undergoes a change. Only that, leads to a real compassion. However, you could start by practicing compassion, which is not true compassion, by putting yourself into other people's shoes. As you keep practicing this, changes do happen in the brain, and then it is followed by changes in the heart and you discover real compassion. So you could start by practicing compassion which is not real compassion.

Q3. Bhagavan, Thanks for giving all of us your gorgeous teaching, It really help us a lot. When I came back from India deepening course, I really felt so refreshed in my life. I felt like everything has changed because of my change in mental state. But after a few weeks, I started to go back to the state I had before I went to India. I feel so confused about life and don't have any passion in everything.

My question is: on the last day of our deepening course, the guides told us if we want to raise our level of awakening, we need to do Chakra Dhyana, give and receive deeksha everyday. But, I really don't have any passion on it. I just don't want to do anything about it. And I really want to keep up my awakening state. So, do I need to force myself to do the Dhyana, or give and receive Deeksha, or I just need to go with my heart - don't do anything about it?

Bhagavan: If you do not have any passion, it means you have arrived at an important milestone. This is a significant milestone. And you must not move away from there. You just stay with the fact that there is no passion. This staying with the fact will give you the breakthrough.

Q4. Bhagavan, I feel like I'm dying soon, but I don't have any idea why. I would like to contribute the rest of my life to the world, but financially, there is obstacle for doing so. What can I do for that? Would you please help me to solve the financial problem? And, would you give me "self love", Bhagavan?

Bhagavan: This feeling of dying is a psychological process which means you are dying to the past. This process which you feel as though you are dying is a perfect process. All people who get awakened go through this process and I will fully bless you for self love and solving your financial problem.

Q5. Dear Bhagavan, we love you. Today, Hong Kong has a lot of negative energy flowing ~ including passive, depression, selfishness, etc. People are facing extreme problems. And recently the weather in Hong Kong is getting abnormal, dear Bhagavan, would you please give deep blessings to Hong Kong, China and the whole humanity?

Bhagavan: Yes. I will certainly give the blessings.

Q6. Dear Sri Bhagavan, in the oneness teachings, you have mentioned about "experiencing the pain" so that the charges will be liberated and become free, would you please teach me what to do practically and how to do with "experiencing the pain"? How to make myself focused with full attention on the experiencing? And what can I do to discharge myself from the charges? I am in deep gratitude to your help and answers, Bhagavan.

Bhagavan: In Oneness, suffering is the shortest path to awakening. In Oneness, when there is suffering, you should not move away from the suffering. You should not escape the suffering. But, fully immerse in the suffering or stay with the suffering and then the suffering itself becomes joy. But, how to do that? You could start from small physical pain, like a small ant biting you, now try to stay with the pain of the ant bite, and slowly move it to the psychological realm. Start with physical pain. Not big pain; but small pain. And then move it into the psychological realm. You would soon discover the art of staying with the suffering. When that happens, all is automatic. That is why we say, staying with the suffering is the first step, it is also the last step. There is nothing more to do.

Q7. Bhagavan, Hong Kong has recently been given tremendous grace to have Sacred Chambers. It is good news for the Oneness family in Hong Kong. Those who have done the Sacred Chambers have their problems solved, like: health, relationships, finances and so on. So everyone wanted so much that their family members and friends also can join. I have 2 questions, Bhagavan:

Q7.1 For those who are new to oneness and for those who are the first time to join the Sacred Chambers, what kind of attitude or state of mind should they have so that they can receive the maximum benefits?

Bhagavan: They must have an open mind, and they have got to realize that they are going to make use of the Divine to help solve their problems. They are going to fulfill their own personal needs. And the Divine is of their choice. It is not any divine imposed on them. It is completely their choice. They could choose their divine. It could be a Christian divine, an Islamic divine, a Hindu divine, a Buddhist divine, it is all in their own hands. It is up to them, and they make use of divine power to sort out their health problems, financial problems, relationship problems, and what not. So, it is exactly making use of a powerful being to help you, and who is willing to help you, and that's all.

Q7.2 There are some people who do not believe that the Sacred Chambers could solve his problems, but because of curiosity, they did join, will these people receive any benefits from the Sacred Chamber?

Bhagavan: Believers, non-believers, atheist, communist, you could be anybody, still you will receive the divine grace.

Q8. I am engaged in medical work, and I need to be logical and use my mind a lot. After I am awakened from the deepening course, my brain has started changing, and my heart also started the transformation. Now, I have some conflicts Bhagavan, when I witness something happen that could not be explained, then, my mind will tell me - "do not believe into something happened that could not be explained". How should I respond, dear Sri Bhagavan?

For example: I often hear people talking: "When you do not have money, do not think that you do not have money; but you have to feel that you will get rich and wealthy soon". But, the reality is that no money is no money. How can one feel that he will become rich? Is it a bit self deceiving Bhagavan?

Bhagavan: Consciousness has tremendous power. When you develop wealth consciousness using Oneness teachings, you find you actually acquire wealth. When you develop health consciousness, you do acquire health. When you do develop success consciousness, success comes to you. All these could be experimentally verified. Normally, it acts within 7 day. So, one need not believe in the power of consciousness, it can be verified, it can be tested, so you could make use of it to change your consciousness, and to succeed in the world.

Q9. Bhagavan, I want to tell you that I love you. My question is, Bhagavan, I want my Divine live in my home physically, and be my wife, but I don't understand how it could happen. I don't totally believe it and understand it, because I am a disciple of the Buddha, and the Buddhist sutras said: "Everything with form is unreal". So, I am confused and struggling, on one hand I want a physical divine, on the other hand, I feel like my divine should be formless. What should I do? Please help me understand totally that my divine could be physical with me.

Bhagavan: Whatever is strong in you, that would happen. But the fact is, there are a lot of people around the world today who are physically living with their physical divine. It's happening all over the world now.

Q10. Dear Father Bhagavan, We notice that there is a big change happening in Oneness University including the news of your retirement this year. I feel sad because we may not be able to see you as frequent as now. But on the other hand I feel glad that you and Amma can have more time for yourselves. I have 2 questions:

Q10.1 Will the Dasajis able to travel to different countries in near future? We are eager to see Chandraji visiting us in Hong Kong.

Bhagavan: Oneness is full of possibilities. Anything could happen in oneness.

Q10.2 What is our role as Oneness Trainer in the coming years, Bhagavan?

Bhagavan: It is for you to take forward Oneness and help transform the world.

Q11. Namaste, Dear Bhagavan, I Love You and We love You. Dear Bhagavan would you please share "What is oneness" to our friends who are new to Oneness? How does Oneness help and influence one's relationships and one's life? What kind of exercises, if any, can be easily put into practice in daily life? Can you share with us what is Sacred Chamber and what are the functions? Dear Bhagavan Thank you for your love to me, to my family, and to Hong Kong.

Bhagavan: As individuals, we are fragmented inside. As families, we have divisions. As a society, we have fragmentation. As a country, we have fragmentation. As a world, we have fragmentation. We have different belief systems, different ideology, different economical systems, and what not! Everything is creating a division. And this division is leading to conflict. Now Oneness starts with individual. It brings about oneness in the individual, which leads to oneness in the family, which leads to oneness in society, which leads to oneness in the country, which leads to oneness in the world. Where there is oneness, there will be the absence of conflict. Where there is no oneness, there will be conflict. So, Oneness aims at bringing about individual peace, and through individual peace brings about world peace.

As far as practices are concerned, Oneness recommends Chakra Dhyana. But you could follow any practice. It could be Tai Chi, It could be yoga. It could be some meditation. You could follow any form of practice with which you are comfortable and which suits you. Oneness does not say this is the best practice, or that is the best practice. Since we are used to doing Chakra Dhyana, we talk about it. But it is not that, that the only one practice. It is up to you to choose any practice with which you are comfortable and you are happy with.

As far as sacred chambers are concerned, Sacred Chambers are places where your divine becomes physical to help you directly. And it is thus fulfilling many ancient prophesies all over the world that when the Golden Age comes to the planet, the divine will walk and talk with man.

Q12. Dear Sri Bhagavan, How are you and Amma? My deepest greetings send to you and Amma. Almost two years have passed since you announced that I am awakened on Aug 31, 2012 during your Darshan. Time flies! I have never got a chance to back to Oneness again after Sep 2012, but I do miss Oneness everyday, it is like a heaven in my heart. With the blessing of awakening, I worked quite productively in my daily job and there is no pressure at all! After one year and eight months work in my current position, I strongly felt that I am ready to step up and take the next level of leading position. So here comes my question - spiritually, how should a great leader be? Shall we provide more freedom for the staff? Or use the position to practice our awareness and impact more people through the platform?

Bhagavan: A great spiritual leader is one who is non-positional. You should use your platform to help others.

Q13. Sri Bhagavan, currently, the financial system, education system, housing policies and even the climate in Hong Kong are on the verge. How could we apply Oneness to a high vision for the future of Hong Kong? What practically can the Oneness Hong Kong Community do for Hong Kong?

Bhagavan: All problems arise from your level of consciousness. Lower levels of consciousness which create these problems, cannot solve these problems, because they are the cause of these problems. So the best way to solve these problems is by raising the levels of consciousness, and that is the work you have got to do! As collectively, the level of consciousness goes up, problems would come down.

Q14. For the people born in Hong Kong after 1980s' and 90s', their behaviors are so different from the group of population born in the 50's and 60's. These younger age people no matter how hard they worked, it is not easy to become as successful as the older generation, in terms of job promotion, the level of salary increment. It is very difficult for them to buy a flat for themselves. The conditions of the society are so tough for them to survive, not to mention about their happiness level and their interests in spirituality. Dear Bhagavan, my question is, since the future of a society is in the hands of the younger people, they are struggling to survive while they may have forgotton their dreams, vision and passion, and living a life unfulfilled. How can Oneness help them to become great leaders of our society? What can we do for these younger people in our society? Thank you Sri Bhagavan.

Bhagavan: Strangely, these young people will start growing very fast from the year 2015. The Sacred Chamber would play a very great role in transforming these young people and help them grow dramatically.

Q15. Sri Bhagavan, recently, you have mentioned about making use of the Divine to fulfill our human desires by going to the sacred chambers, and there are about 30 types of sacred chambers. Would you please help to explain to us what would be the best sequence of the chambers to go and why? There are people who are not in Oneness questioned about if we keep on going to the Sacred Chambers and get our desires fulfilled, then, will it become another excuse to escape from living our life and working hard in our job? Or is it just a question from the mind? Thank you Bhagavan.

Bhagavan: First, you must go to the chambers where karma is cleared. After that, you must go to chambers where you are re-programmed, that is your fate is changed. Then, you must go to chambers where your ancestors are cleared. Then, you must go to chambers where all curses are removed. People are basically cursing each other and they are quite defective. The curses must be removed. After having done all these 4 things, then you could go to chambers where you get money, or health, or relationship, or marriage, or whatever you want. But these 4 are basic and fundamental.

Q16. Sri Bhagavan, we have tremendous freedom in choosing our religion in Hong Kong; and within a family, different family members can choose their own religion for example - Christian, Catholic, Buddhism, Islamic, Muslim and others. When we share Oneness to them, most of them feel that we are trying to make them change their religion and resist it, and in fact we are not. What can we do to help these people to understand that Oneness is not about making them to change their religion; and instead, Oneness in fact helps people to experience their lives fully?

Bhagavan: Oneness is not a new religion. Oneness is like sugar which would add to coffee, tea or milk. Oneness helps a Christian to become a better Christian, a Muslim a better Muslim, a Buddhist a better Buddhist. It helps you to communicate with your divine and receive the grace from your divine. It does not impose anything from outside. It only works within your own faith. It is not something external, not trying to change anything at all. It helps you to truly become like the great mystics from the past, that's all.

Q17. Dear Sri Bhagavan, please bless me to have a life partner very soon who has the same vision to contribute to Oneness. And please bless our Oneness works to be smoothly carried out in Hong Kong.

Bhagavan: I will bless you to have a wonderful life partner.

Q18. This is the last question, Bhagavan. I feel very fortunate to know about Oneness and Sri Bhagavan. I came across a problem recently. I don't know much about Bhagavan. Then I started to read Oneness literatures and I confess that I am unable to connect the relationship between Bhagavan and Oneness. When I was asked by my friends the origin of Oneness, I have not got any clear response. And yes, I really do not know about the history of how Bhagavan started the Oneness work. I am empty inside about the origin of Oneness. Can Bhagavan talk about how he realized the origin of Oneness? Thank you Sri Bhagavan.

Bhagavan: In Oneness, the teaching is important, not the teacher. The teacher must be forgotten.

And finally Bhagavan, the Hong Kong Oneness team is very grateful and seeking Bhagavan's blessings, Bhagavan.

Love you all, bless you all.

They would like to pray in the presence of Sri Bhagavan.

Shanthi - Shanthi - Santhihi


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