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Darshan with Sri Bhagavan and South Africa, Julio 20, 2014

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on July 28, 2014 at 4:10 PM

(english - video link)

Gratitude to Shahir Jinabhai for the links.

Transcript by Noni J. Kaufman



Q1. Dear Sri Bhagavan, what will you be your new in role in Oneness going forward? Will you and Amma still develop a new process to take deeksha givers to higher levels? How does the Paramatma guide and govern the Oneness University

Bhagavan: Amma and I have not retired. All the functional matters are being dealt with by the divine directly. Amma and I will be silently working to transfer more power and more knowledge to all those people who have come to Oneness. That would be our new role.

Q2. We need clarity regarding what Sri Bhagavan mentioned in one of the Skype Darshans. "Oneness is not a path, but you must find your path."

Bhagavan: The ultimate goal of Oneness is total freedom. If you follow a teacher or a particular path, then that very teacher and that very path binds you and prevents you from becoming totally free. It is only when all paths drop off, you'll discover your path. If there are 7 billion people on the planet, then there are 7 billion unique paths to freedom and you have got to discover your own path. Oneness helps you to discover your path. If you make Oneness into a path, it will automatically drop off after some time. At that point of time, you get your total freedom.

Q3. I want to maintain a close bond with Sri Bhagavan. I feel the presence more intensely when I maintain regular practice, meditation, etc. How do I cope with family commitments and work demands which I feel distracts me from regular practice?

Bhagavan: In Oneness, the handling of your worldly problems and your commitments is the path. Meditation and other activities only play a secondary role. Your financial problems, your family problems, your health issues and other problems are the real challenge. If you properly respond to these challenges, then you'll keep growing spiritually. Responding to your problems is your path. You should not separate the worldly from the spiritual. There in fact is no separation.They are one in the same.

Q4. Thank you dear Sri Bhagavan for everything you have done for me and humanity. I have grown so much over the last couple of months and I am so grateful. Please can you help me in this issue. When I stay with a charge in the moment and try to experience it the emotion does not stay for long and I feel that maybe I consciously am disconnecting from the emotion. Please guide me with how to stay with the what is, see the what is, and experience the what is.

Bhagavan: Life is relationship. Relationship is the mirror in which you can see yourself. You must apply these teachings whenever there is a problem In your relationships. That is the easiest way to understand these teachings. Once you've got a handle on this, then you begin to wonder, how did I miss this all my life. Once you have mastered this art, then you begin to live. Right now you're only existing.

Q5. While the Oneness work in Africa continues to grow in some parts. A lot of our people are stuck in poverty and Poverty consciousness. Please, AmmaBhagavan, how to help them?

Bhagavan: We intend to train your trainers in a very special way to create wealth consciousness among your people. We also intend to put more power into the hands of your people to bring about this wealth among your people.

Q6. Can you please give blessings to clear negative karma as this is another big factor here in Africa. Is there any way to clear the negative karma?

Bhagavan: You have to gather collectively in a place like this and then do a collective prayer and to the map of your country give a deeksha. You'll begin to see the changes.

Q7. The world experiences war and conflict. What role do you want Oneness deeksha givers to play?

Bhagavan: Oneness trainers and Oneness deeksha givers must bring about Oneness in the world. This does not mean the spreading of the Oneness University or the Oneness Movement or AmmaBhagavan. It does not mean that. You must bring about Oneness in the individual, then Oneness in the family, then Oneness in society, in your state, in your country, and the world. You must do this by giving talks, conducting seminars and whatever way it is possible for you. For this to happen, you must apply the teachings in your life and become completely transformed. These teachings must become your teachings and it must come from your own life experience. You have to stand on your feet, become leaders and do it on your own. You need not and should not acknowledge the Oneness University, the Oneness Movement or AmmaBhagavan. Oneness teachings must become your truth and they must become your teachings. Otherwise Oneness will become a cult or a religion. Then it could do more harm than good.

Q8. What new role do you require for the trainers and Sacred Chambers Facilitators at the country level?

Bhagavan: They must become transformed and must become leaders in their own right.

Q9. For your great love and for your compassion, Thank you Bhagavan we have a request. Please can we get some more sacred chambers in South Africa?

Bhagavan: You should soon be getting more Sacred Chambers.




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