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Sri Bhagavan - Is marriage compulsory?

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on October 26, 2014 at 9:35 PM

Q) Is marriage compulsory bhagwan? Can we not do without marriage? And how do we choose our life partner, bhagwan?

Sri bhagwan: "You can choose not to marry. Here in the Ashram we are conducting some marriages for the westerners.

Do you know at what ages they marry?

None of these marriages is before 60 years. Up to that age they have boy-friends and girl-friends, living together and so on. These things will come to India too. You can also choose to be like that.

But marriage is the biggest challenge. When you meet these challenges, Mukti (enlightenment) and a place in Satyaloka is guaranteed.

(Sri bhagwan laughingly said.)

As regards choosing a life partner, a partner who observes your positive personalities and talks about them often is the best partner for you. I would advise that you people date for 6 months before marriage and find out a partner who encourages you and then marry. Of course, all these things may change after marriage. There is no guarantee. That is why we say marriage is the biggest challenge.

One day we found one of our monk (Dasa) a little sad. She was a wonderful monk for 11 years and when we spoke to her, we suggested that she joined her family. Previously before becoming a monk, she got a proposal from a person, but refused and became a monk. After 11 years, she joined her family, got the same proposal from the very same person. He was waiting for her. She married him and is very happy now.

You cannot escape such destiny.

( Q&A from Shri Bhagwan's class of October 2014.

Thanks to Sevaks of Gujarat for sharing this.)

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