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Conferencia de Bhagavan con Japon - Septiembre 28, 2014

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on October 26, 2014 at 10:20 PM


Sent by: Maria Bernett

Gratitude to Hiroko Saitosan for the transcript and to Noni Kaufman for the original post.




Sri Bhagavan said, If you wish to have a happy family with someone you love give up that need or get detached from it and it will happen immediately. I bless you all that this happen for all of you.

In oneness, worldliness and spirituality are not different and creation of wealth is not at all bad. Creation of wealth, in fact, helps everyone. Wealth creation leads to fulfillment. Fulfillment leads to transformation. Transformation leads to Freedom. Freedom leads to Awakening. And Awakening leads to God Realization. If you are focused on wealth creation, you are doing a Spiritual Sadhana.

Setting right relationships, releasing charges against money and participating in wealth Deeksha is all important, but what is most important is wealth consciousness. Wealth consciousness should not be mistaken with money. Having good parents is wealth. Having a good wife, or a husband, or good children is wealth. Having a good job or profession is wealth.

Having good health is wealth. All that you have in various forms is wealth. Even a beggar is wealthy. His begging ball is wealth. You must become extremely conscious of all that you have. That is wealth consciousness. Through practice you could acquire that. Once you achieve that, wealth starts pouring in. It becomes easy to make money. In the ultimate analysis, making money is only a game. There are opportunities everywhere. Once you achieve wealth consciousness you begin to see those opportunities. And people will say you are lucky.

Many Japanese people are very much interested in having Oneness Village in their country. They can manage a Oneness Village as a business. However, there are people who show strong resistance against 'business.' Practically speaking it is necessary to have a company managing and maintaining the Oneness Village continuously. Oneness also means openness.

When we say, 'Oneness Village,' It does not refer to Oneness University or Us. Oneness means that It is a Spiritual hub, a Spiritual Center. It is like a one stop Shop, where all movements, all faiths, all teachers will come and conduct their courses. People can explore all movements, all teachings and become like one family. Therefore, it has to be run on commercial lines.

With grace of Paramatma, everything is going to change in the field of education, politics and the economy in the near future. Competition is going to be replaced with cooperation. World will become like one family.

Your connection with the Divine depends on the levels of your kundalini. The Kundalini keeps fluctuating. It depends upon the hour or the day, it depends on the atmosphere, the food that you have eaten, the energy field, and the sensory inputs. It keeps fluctuating. When it crosses the particular point, your connection with the Divine is very good. Whereas if it falls below that point, you lose the connection. You must learn not to blame yourself. If you keep blaming yourself, things get worse. Please understand you are not responsible. It will come back.

Many have learned the art of controlling weather in India by praying collectively in the Sacred Chambers. A group of people can go into the Chambers together for prayers for a country or for the entire Planet and beyond. It is effective to do collective prayers in Sacred Chambers with a group of Trainers that have strong connection with their own Divine with the purpose of avoiding natural calamities including earthquake etc. For handling problems concerning nature, nations, or countries, you need a big Chamber.

You can create a special Chamber. For example, this hall where you are congregating, can become a special Chamber. You can consider it to be a 3rd Chamber. And with a proper invocation, you can begin your prayers. Such prayers will be very powerful in guiding Nature, or healing the problems of a country.

Many have their Divine physical very quickly after they go into the Sacred Chambers. Those who do not experience their physical Divine even after participating in the Sacred Chamber process is because their kundalini levels are low and in that case they must repeat the process till It works for them.

You need a powerful personal divine to become a great spiritual leader. I will bless you for that.

Even if your Divine is physical Oneness Villages are required to promote Oneness in the world.

Now God's home is with people! He will live with them, and they shall be His people. God himself will be with them, and He will be their God. He will wipe away all tears from their eyes. There will be no more death, no more grief or crying or pain. The old things have disappeared. This revelation in the Bible refers to the Oneness Phenomenon. When the Oneness Phenomenon began in the year of 1989, it revealed to Us that It is fulfilling the biblical Prophecy.

You have to work and bring about Oneness within yourself, then Oneness in your family, then Oneness in your society, then Oneness in your country, and then finally Oneness in the world. Help Me in this. It is the greatest Gift. Love you all!


VIDEO LINKhttp://www.onenessecuador.com/apps/videos/videos/show/18739666-shri-bhagwans-darshan-tokyo-japan-27-07-2014-no-translation


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