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Conferencia de Sri Bhagavan con Belgica - Septiembre 20, 2014

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on October 27, 2014 at 11:45 AM


Sent by: Maria Bernett

Transcription: Noni Kaufmann


Q1. ?? No audible question on the video.

A1. In Oneness, there is no difference between the spiritual life and the wordly life. What happens inside is not important. We are not concerned about the contents of the mind. What happens outside we are not concerned about it. It could be anything.

What is important is the level of awareness. In Oneness, the contents are never important. The only question is, could you be intensely aware of what is going on either inside or outside. If you are more aware, that means you are more spiritual.

So we call it a Journey into Awakening. That is a journey into greater and greater awareness. So there is no such thing as just being spiritual or that not being spiritual. You could be doing carpentry and you could be very spiritual if you are fully aware of what is going on. You could be having anger or jealousy inside you, but if you could be intensely aware of it, than you are being spiritual.


Q2. Dear Bhagavan, could you please define what is awakening according to Oneness 

A2. The word "awakening" in Oneness does not refer to enlightenment. When we use the word "awakening", we mean the level of awareness. That is why we give you levels of awakening, which means how aware you are. It also indicates the amount of changes that have occurred in the brain. That is why we use the word (phrase) A Journey into Awakening.


Q3. Bhagavan, Sri Bhagavan's teachings says right understanding of human needs helps you to respond and not to react. Could you please explain this teaching Bhagavan?

A3. As human beings, all of us have certain needs. It is important for us to understand our needs as well as the needs of others. If this is truly understood, then we respond instead of react.


Q4. Right now we are going through heavy financial stress. We want to be wealthy. What should we do to acquire wealth, Bhagavan?

A4. For this, the first thing is to acquire wealth consciousness. Now what we mean by this is you must first become conscious and become aware about all that you have got. You should become conscious of all that you have got and forget about all that you do not have.

By wealth consciousness, we do not necessarily mean money. Having good parents is wealth and a good husband or wife or boyfriend or girlfriend is wealth. Having good children is wealth. Having good knowledge is wealth. Having good health is wealth. So all that you have is wealth. Even a beggar is wealthy in that sense. Whatever he has got is his wealth. So now he must become first ?? (Laughter). Once he has become conscious of all that he has got and his mind no more focuses on things he does not have, then we say he has acquired wealth consciousness. Once he has achieved wealth consciousness, then the prayers to his divine are immediately answered. He would get as much as he wants. The divine would be too ready to help him out, but he has to acquire this wealth consciousness.


Q5. Dear Bhagavan, I have been ?? understanding your teaching. Education helps you to understand the art of living. Could you please clarify for me this teaching. What exactly you mean when you say the art of living, Bhagavan?

A5. When we talk about the art of living what we mean is the art of being with the what is without effort. If you have learned the art, then you are on your on your spiritual journey. The journey is automatic thereafter. You need no books, you need no teaching. Your life is your guru, is your teacher and you will discover your own path. Only your path could liberate you. Not somebody's path or somebody's teaching. What liberates you is your own path which you discover if you learn the art of being with the what is, not with the what is to come, without effort.


Q6. Bhagavan, under the heat of attention, the inner dialogue undergoes a transformation. This is one of the teachings that I've heard, Bhagavan. What exactly does it mean under the heat of attention? Could you please clarify this for me, Bhagavan?

A6. There is a whole crowd inside you. You are the father of so and so, son of so and so, the mother of so and so, the brother of so and so, the trainer of so and so, the employer of so and so, the ?? so you are this ?? or that ??. so there are so many personalities inside you who are all the time talking. There is an inner chatter. Now if you look inside, there is nothing but this chatter going on all the time. But as you learn the art of being with the what is without effort, first you have to do this with effort then slowly it becomes without effort. That is when we say you are awake.

Then strangely if you become aware of this dialogue, the dialogue stops. And once the dialogue stops, you transcend thought. The ultimate, or the truth or what we call divine or what we call unconditional love. All those terms refer to something which is beyond thought. Thought cannot capture it. Thought is only mechanical, it is repetitive. It is essentially the past flowing through the present into the future. So you have to go beyond thought if you are to come face to face with what you call the divine or to truly experience unconditional love or limitless joy. You have got to transcend thought. Now when you become intensely aware, that is what they call the heat of attention, the dialogue stops. When that dialogue stops, thought ceases, all conflict ceases. The mind becomes very very quiet. At that moment, there is a great benediction.


Q7. Dearest Sri Bhagavan, One of Sri Bhagavan's teachings is the outer world is a reflection of the inner. When I see the news, I wonder, there is so much to learn. What is the most important lesson to learn in this time frame right now, Bhagavan?

A7. What is most important to learn in these times is the world and everything is changing very fast and we along with it the human race is also changing very fast.


Q8. Dear Bhagavan, how does A Journey into Awakening course at Oneness Univ ersity helps ones life? Is it only for spiritual people to get awakened or will it insome way help in other aspects in ones life like relationships, success, wealth, etc?

A8. A journey into Awakening essentially prepares you for acquiring wealth, health, and relationship. That is the main focus. It also gets you ready for freedom and awakening. In other words it prepares you for the next course, the Journey intothe Divine where things happen much faster. But you need this to understand that. But the essential focus of this Journey into Awakening is wealth, health and relationship.


Q9. Dear Bhagavan, what can I do if I sometimes lose faith and feel lost in my process? Could you please tell me Bhagavan.

A9. Your faith or the process you are going through depends on the level of kundalini. Suppose you have a saint whose kundalini is very high in the morning. He could be having great faith. Suppose towards the evening, the kundalini calms down, there will be a loss of faith. The faith will be gone. This happens to great masters, great saints and sages.

So also the process. Sometimes intense, sometimes it would calm down. All this depends on the level of kundalini. Suppose you want to be a great warrior, your kundalini must be high. You want to be a great musician, your kundalini must be high. A great painter, your kundalini must be high. A great scientist, it must be high. If you want to achieve greatness in any field, that kundalini must be high. The same things applies to spirituality. Which means faith, and the love of God and all these things which you hear about. All this depends upon the level of the kundalini which again is controlled by the kind of food you had that day, the weather, and the general energy field. So many things control your kundalini. The sights, the smell, the sounds that you hear. All these things are working on the kundalini and it keeps fluctuating. It's not steady. It keeps moving up and down. Sometimes high in the morning , low in the evening. Sometimes high in the evenings, low in the mornings. So when that happens, what you must understand is you're not responsible for what is happening. All you must do is be with the fact, "it is not there now." That's all. Just being with it is enough. It could come back automatically.


Q10. I'm aware of ego being a huge part of change. How can we work on ourselves for the greater good of all humanity, Bhagavan?

You must become intensely aware of the suffering caused by the ego to you as well as others. If this awareness is there, the ego automatically drops out. All that is required is to become aware of the damage the ego is causing to you as well as others.


Q11. Dear Bhagavan, If you are retiring will you still be carrying on with the work you have been doing up until now? Will be still be able to see you or know that you are there and how do we know you are still there with us? Thank you Bhagavan for all you have given to us and all of humanity. Thank you Bhagavan.

A11. We would be working silently for you and when you come to India, we would be meeting you.


 VIDEO LINKhttp://www.onenessecuador.com/apps/videos/videos/show/18739665-belgium-webcast-with-sri-bhagavan-20-09-2014

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