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Conferencia de Sri Bhagavan con Alemania - Septiembre 28, 2014

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on October 27, 2014 at 11:55 AM

(english - video link)

Sent by: Maria Bernett

Live Webcast Darshan with Sri Bhagavan and Germany

28 September, 2014

"European Golden Oneness Ball Festival" in Duesseldorf-Kaarst

Sri Bhagavan: Love you all. Love you.

Welcome address:

Beloved Bhagavan, dearest Paramatma, Avatara Purusha,

For the third time this year we warmly welcome You in Germany. People are so happy and deeply grateful for the opportunity, to be in Your Divine Presence again.

Bhagavan, thank You so much for Your wisdom and Sri Amma's and Your full Blessings for mankind. Thank You for the Sacred Chambers and all the other Oneness programs we can enjoy day by day.

Thank You for more and more miracles, for increasing the power and Divine Grace in our country, Europe and the whole world.

During the last 7 days the members of the German Oneness Family prepared themselves for this precious Darshan with You in performing a daily ritual prayer for more miracles, more power and increase of Grace.

This time, Bhagavan, we are celebrating the "European Golden Ball Oneness Festival" with several hundred participants from all over Europe in a big tent.

We had two Oneness Meditations with 17 European Oneness Meditators together. We had beautiful programs with nice live music, a talk about Oneness in Europe, meditations, bhajans and dance and much more. Your auspicious Divine Presence is the absolute top highlight of this event.

Thank You Bhagavan for answering our questions and meditating with us.

Bhagavan, please bless us, our families, our society, our growing Oneness communities, our beautiful country.

Nandri [= thank you], Bhagavan. We love You Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: Love you so much.

Sri Bhagavan: It's a joy to interact with you.


Beloved Bhagavan,

Recently we learned that each of us has to find our own path. Please, Bhagavan we need clarity? Thank You Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: Initially something happens in your life and you become a seeker. Then you do window shopping and finally select a path which suits you. Having selected a path you must persevere in that path. There comes a point when you realize you are not going anywhere. Then the path drops. At that moment you would realize your path. When all paths drop down, only then you discover your path. Every human being is unique, everyone's karma is unique and everyone's path is unique. If you follow somebody's path, you'll not go anywhere. Where you go also is unique. Nature does not duplicate. It does not mean you throw away any path. You persevere in any one path. And then the path automatically drops. And everything becomes very clear to you. This applies also to Oneness.


Beloved Sri Bhagavan,

What is our role as Oneness Trainers in general and as Oneness Advanced Trainers in particular after all the changes at Oneness University? Rituals are an important part of many Trainer and Advanced Trainer Courses. How should we proceed? Could you please advise us? With the deepest gratitude from all my heart for all the gifts we all received. Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: The Trainers and the Advanced Trainers must merge as spiritual leaders in their own right. You could do courses with the Divine or without the Divine. You could do both courses depending on the audience. For courses without the Divine you need not have rituals and for courses with the Divine you could have rituals. The choice is yours.


Beloved Bhagavan,

In many courses we heard about forgiveness. But one of your teachings says that forgiveness does not exist. Is it not a contradiction? Can you please explain about this? Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: In Oneness you do not forgive but forgiveness happens. That happens when you realize there is nothing to be forgiven and that nobody is responsible. The whole of humanity is responsible for anyone's behaviour. Everyone is being controlled by everyone else. You must actually be able to see that. When that happens forgiveness just happens.


Oneness teachings say that all problems arise from low levels of consciousness. What can we as the active Oneness people do to raise the level of consciousness in our society? Do You recommend any regular practice? Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: People must be educated to realize that we are all connected. That the other is creating us, that we are creating the other. And we are all actually one family though we exist in different places. When that insight comes to you, your levels of consciousness are going up very fast. For this you must be continuously educating the people.


Guide: Bhagavan, in this question three parts are there, Bhagavan. The first one, Bhagavan:

Dear Bhagavan,

can you please explain the difference between

awakening, enlightenment, transformation and complete transformation?

[note: The Guide asks about the 4 states one by one]

Part 1

Sri Bhagavan: In Oneness awakening means the ability to stay with the 'What is' without effort. It only means that and nothing else.

Enlightenment is when all day dreaming has stopped.

Transformation is the flowering of the heart where you no longer see that you are separate from the other.

Complete transformation is the cessation of the self. That is the senses getting disjointed and the self is gone.

Part 2

Can I do something in my daily life for transformation or is it only possible in the Sacred Chambers?

Sri Bhagavan: Transformation happens very easily when you begin to experience the suffering of others and start helping them.

Part 3

Bhagavan, I need a clear focus for my next steps in my daily life after awakening. Thank you, Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: Discover your most urgent need and get detached from that need. You'd start moving very very fast.


Dear Bhagavan,

you say that an awakened person can either have a transformed or not transformed mind. I thought that the mind is just the mind. How can it be transformed? Can you please clarify, Bhagavan?

Sri Bhagavan: The mind cannot be fundamentally transformed. When we talk about transforming the mind, we are talking about transforming the patterns and dissolving the charges. In India we have met several awakened people, quite famous people, but whose minds were not transformed. They were in wonderful states. They are great beings. But patterns of behaviour and charges were the same.


Dear Bhagavan,

can you tell us something about the future development in Europe? When will the first effects and changes of the Golden Age be visible in central Europe? Thank You Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: Starting with 2018 Europe would rapidly spiritualize itself.


Beloved Sri Bhagavan,

According to the vision from the Golden Age You taught us: in the outer world we heard about wars and violence day by day. We give a lot of Deeksha and pray for peace. Do You have any more suggestions what else we can do? Thank you Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: You must gather in groups like this and collectively move into very high states of consciousness. And once that happens you would see dramatic changes occurring for large areas of the country.


Guide: Bhagavan, this is gratitude, Bhagavan.

Gratitude address:

Dearest Sri Bhagavan,

this is a big thank you for the gift of Sacred Chambers. In the name of thousands of visitors we appreciate deeply every result, everything that has changed in people's lives so easily, very small and big miracle and every moment in the journey of transformation.

Experiencing the living with our Divine is becoming intimate and close. This relationship feels very soft and gentle and is more happening from inside to outside.

If we drop all expectations about the appearance of our Divine and accept that we have western conditioning about God, profound experiences are happening letting us see that a new reality in our personal life is unfolding. We bow to You and Amma's feet in gratitude and devotion. Thank You, thank You, thank You, we love You, Bhagavan!

Sri Bhagavan: Love you.

Guide: This program is actually arranged by Nora and her team, Bhagavan. So they need special Blessing, Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: Yes.

[Sri Bhagavan gives Blessing]

Guide: 16 Oneness meditators are there, Bhagavan. They came from all over Europe, Bhagavan. And many other Oneness people from all over Europe, Bhagavan. Everyone needs special Blessing for themselves and their family, Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan: Yes, yes.

Blessings to all of you.


Sri Bhagavan: Love you all. Love you. Namaste, Namaste


Transcript for the Oneness Community:

Marianne Krueger-Janus


VIDEO LINKhttp://www.onenessecuador.com/apps/videos/videos/show/18739664-sri-bhagavan-s-darshan-with-germany-on-28-09-2014

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