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Sri Bhagavan on Spirituality

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on January 18, 2017 at 11:25 AM


There is a famous saying, ‘If you worry, then you didn’t pray. If you prayed, then don’t worry.’Spirituality is not a ritual. It is the science of merging with Existence. From time immemorial, the first thing that all world religion did was to create a space for the divine to become a part of life. A temple is a space to reconnect with the cosmic energy and be restful in it. That was the core purpose of all world religions. And when the connection deepened, it became a blissful space within oneself. Religion was a clear stepping stone to spirituality.The greatest saints of India who had the power of willing the cosmos to lovingly respond, achieved this power through spirituality.There was a man by name Muruganar who was an ardent devotee of Shiva. Every day before break of dawn he would bathe in the cool waters of the river, gather flowers from trees, fields, the river and creepers and make garlands for the Shiva deity in the temple. He would walk to the temple everyday taking care while walking not to disturb the flowers in their setting in the garland! After offering them to the deity he would chant sacred verses for long hours.It is said that he attained enlightenment through just this innocent worship. Today he is worshipped as one of the 63 saints called Nayanmars who attained enlightenment through innocent devotion to god.Spirituality is an opening to express innocence in its purest form. Innocence itself is an offering to god. Innocence itself is the greatest prayer to god.Religion is by itself not any belief as it is made out to be. Every religion is the result of the spiritual experience of the great master who founded it. What they experienced, they gave as a religion to humanity, through which humanity can get the same experience. There was no other intent. If this is understood, any person can practice any religion. That is the beauty of all original religion.The same is true when you are around a master. Be in a mood of innocent surrender. When you are innocent and prayerful, the master’s silence penetrates your being. The religion of silence is the greatest religion. It is the religion of the great masters and disciples. That is true spdayirituality also.



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