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Why do people do not understand each other

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on September 15, 2010 at 12:39 AM

Seeker: Bhagvan, why do people do not understand each other and what is the best way to understand each other?


Bhagvan: people do not understand each other because they try to understand each other. The problem with mankind is you try to understand what is un-understandable. Nobody really could be understood because there are million factors which make you behave the way you behave. Your past life impressions, the moment of conception, what happens in the four baskets, the moment of delivery and the first 6 hours, the first 6 days and the later day, all these factors control you. It is a very complexthing, because even the atmosphere pressure, the temperature could act on the way you behave. Hence there is no way you can understand the other. Trying to understand another is like a peeling an onion. You can peel and peel but you would get nowhere. So the solution is to learn the art of experiencing the other. Now when you learn this, then no matter whom the person is and what the other person is, there is sheer joy in the experience. Then you have a very beautiful relationship. but if you try to understand the other, today's understanding will become tomorrow's misunderstanding. It would just go away. So stop trying to understand the other.

From: http://lifeinoneness.blogspot.com/

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