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Posted by Oneness Ecuador on February 21, 2009 at 10:30 PM

It is important for you to notice your body's rhythms, when your energy rises and falls.


Ask yourself these questions.


    * Do I feel peppy or tired in the morning?

    * Am I tensed or relaxed by late afternoon?

    * Do I come alive or bottom out in the evening?

    * When do I like to exercise and/or do physical tasks?

    * When do I concentrate best - morning, afternoon or midnight?

    * When does my brain seem most frazzled and/or full of static electricity?

    * What time of the day do I most enjoy being with people?


If the answers to these questions are not immediately apparent to you, keep a journal and monitor your energy levels for a week or two. Each day, jot down how you feel when you wake up. Make notes about your ups and downs - note your moods. Are you alert or sleep walking in the morning? At 10 am, are you slumping or hitting your stride? By noon are you fuzzy-headed, raring to go, or just waking up? By late afternoon are you drowsy or feeling full of vigour? After dinner do you feel like playing a game with your children or are you waiting to hit the bed?


When you see your energy rhythms, try to set up your day so that you use your peaks for your most important work and your valleys for less taxing activities. Although we have certain rhythms, energy is always in a flux, so keep assessing and adjusting when ever necessary.


Acknowledgement: This column is a collection of tips gathered from prominent experts across the world to coach your living...

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