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What is the meaning of Life ? ...

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on February 24, 2009 at 6:21 PM

The ultimate understanding or the ultimate enlightenment is, you realise there is no purpose to life, just to live.

If you watch a cricket match, if somebody, is scoring very well and hitting sixes, then you jump up and shout. Is there a purpose to your jumping up and your shouting? No, but there is a cause to it, that is joy. Because there is joy you are jumping up and you are shouting but there is no purpose to your shouting. It is just there.

So this creation is there just because there is too much joy because the stuff of creation is love and joy. Therefore it is there; there is no purpose to it. You just dance away because there is joy, what’s the purpose to your dance? You can see lot of people dancing away for no reason.

If you are truly living you won’t ask the question - what is the purpose of life? Because you are not living you want a purpose to live. And you don’t understand how could you live without a purpose because you don’t live.

If you live as I said, just to breathe is bliss, just to be is bliss, just to walk is bliss, to drink to eat to talk, look at somebody there is bliss. That is the stuff of life.

~~~ Sri Bhagavan ~~~

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