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Sri Bhagavan - Watching the mind

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on June 12, 2011 at 2:33 PM

Sent by: Sri Thushara Srikantharajah -  http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=46857778616

Question 1 : Bhagavan, you will say we’ll be watching the mind. Who is it that is watching the mind if there is no ‘self’?

Bhagavan: So, It is consciousness witnessing, what wecall “chitha” and then it does also because great joy what we call “ananda”. That’swhy we chant sat chit ananda. These are the properties of consciousness. It isalso the ability to the witness, it cannot participate but, it can witness. So,it is consciousness witnessing the mind which is witnessing the thoughts andconsciousness witnesses is it does not identify. It just sees the thoughts, itjust sees the mind and it just sees all actions. So, you are that pureconsciousness. Right now, you are identifying yourself with that mind. That’swhy you are inpresent within the mind.

Once you jump out and you free from the clutches ofthe mind all that you are doing is witnessing and you got witness what it islike.

I don’t have to describe that and then you form theconcepts. Once you get there it’s all very clear. Nobody will teach youanything, you will know yourself. You will get that don’t worry. Every weekpeople are getting now. Processing is speedup now. Many more people making itacross the world. Effortlessly, you will laugh and you will wonder how I missthese many years. That’s a simple thing. As simple as breathing. You willreally be laughing at yourself. All things are witnessed, that’s all. So, it isconsciousness witnessing, which is nowhere but everywhere. You can’t say it ishere and you can’t say it is there. Everything is being witnessed. More if Iwould talk you may keep concepts out of it. I will leave it like that, waitingfor you to get there.

Question 2 : Bhagavan, Can we do something to breakfree from this ‘rat race’ of survival?

Bhagavan: Right now, you are card up in the mind. Youkeep doing all these things for the sake of escaping you own suffering. Now,when you get awakened the same thing you would do. The job, the sameprofession, the same business. But, the experience is totally different. Now,you are doing what you are doing.

Once you become awakened, let’s say you’re acarpenter, is no more work. As you would do carpentry you would love it, youwould experience every moment of it. Let‘s say you are a clerk in the office.,as you put the ink to paper or something scribbling i.e., enjoying there is nomore work. Suppose you are a hotelier you will enjoy it. All work becomesthoroughly enjoyable. Right now, it’s dustbin.

They got to do it for survival or means to escape yoursuffering. But, it’s no more required same work goes on, nothing will change.If you are a Barber you will continued to be Barber, if you are a scientist youwill continued to be scientist, nothing changes. The same wife, the samechildren, the same home. But, it all looks very very different. The experienceis totally different. That’s all.

It would not disturb your normal life. In fact, youwill become efficient. You will become very capable. Because no stress, nopain, no conflict. So, supreme efficiency comes out of it.So, you don’t have to worry about it.

Yes "Oneness Singapore ...you will be asking whyBhagavan is not giving it to us, WE are different, committed with work,different lifestyle and thats the reason Bhagavan is going pace by pace in slowmotion with us all....hold on to your patience and you will receive a superb& tremendous change in you ...we are there already...Sri AmmaBhagavan KiJai.


Question 3: Bhagavan is it right to take deeksha from whom i don't like? In what state of mind should i be when i give deeksha?

Bhagavan: First of all, You should not recieve thedeeksha from somebody whom you do not like. That is best avoided.

The next thing is when you are giving the deeksha orthe blessing you must be fully aware that you become the instrument of thedivine in order to help mankind. So , you should clearly understand that thedivine is flow into you because it wants to help mankind and that you areserving the mankind.

There are two things here, you must be very veryclear. The deeksha is not something which you are doing. But, you are only aninstrument for divine. The second thing is divine wanting to help mankind andthat you are helping the divine. Not that you are helping mankind, because whoare you to help mankind.

You must realize that you are helping the divine tohelp mankind. If you have that kind of awareness then your good karma grows. Itgrows very every fast. That good karma make you soft and solving you financialproblems, Business problems, problems at the job or you are awakening orimproving your,health for any purpose you can cash it. If you have money in thebank you can buy whatever you want.

Similarly in you good karma account if you have goodkarma you can cash it for whatever you want. Whenever you are giving deeksha tosomeone, you are gaining good karma. Because he being helped. But, you must beaware you are helping the divine to help him. IF awareness is there then youwill get good karma. If awareness is not there you do not get good karma. Thatis the way we have to understand it.

Thank You Sri Bhagavan


This soul expect to pass through life but once. If,therefore, there be any kindness this soul can show, or any good thing thissoul can do to any fellow being, let this soul do it now, as this soul shallnot pass this way again. Bhagavan"-


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