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Sri Bhagavan - Dissolving charges

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on June 12, 2011 at 2:37 PM

Sent by: Sivaranjan Sivayohan - http://www.facebook.com/?page=1&sk=messages&tid=1784514418798

Question: Before Sri Bhagavan started giving the Mukthi Deeksha, there was much more attention about our charges, our relationships and inner integrity. Now the attention seems to be only on instant awakening. But I wonder what about our charges? Will they be dissolved anyway without attention? Is it enough to take these Mukthi Deekshas? Some have very good experiences, but a very hard time after the Mukthi Deeksha or 64 process. You have said already about depression and all that.




Sri Bhagavan: I want to make it clear. People going into depression is a very, very rare case. It won't happen generally. If it is happening to somebody, there may be some history with their life or health. It generally doesn't happen to everyone.


And regarding your question, Oneness has two teachings. One teaching is within the mind and the second is liberation from the mind.




What is teaching within the mind?


That is where all the teachings come in and say, "You have to work on the charges, see how you're behaving, become aware." All of this comes within the teachings within the mind".


And then, what do you finally realize when you hear about the teachings within the mind? 


You will all finally discover you can only do it to a certain extent, and that finally you cannot do it anymore. You reach a point where you clearly understand and experience that it cannot be done with your effort. What do you do after that? Anybody can answer. ["Surrendering," answer from the audience] Beautiful. 


It is the right answer. You naturally surrender because you understood you that you could not do anything more. What happens when you surrender? The divine takes over. And all that we have spoken about the teachings within the mind will naturally happen to you.




When you surrender, the divine will act. That is why we have the saying in Oneness, that if you are awake, the divine is asleep and if you are asleep, the divine is awake. Surrender is when you feel you cannot do anymore and you relax, and you give way to the divine.




That is when deeksha comes in and it takes you away from the mind and will liberate you from the mind. Then you will say, "Seeing is happening," "Awareness is happening," "Everything is happening automatically." This is what we say is liberation from the mind. When you become liberated from the mind, naturally you can witness your mind.




That is why Oneness moves on both of the tracks. Both are necessary. If we are focusing more on Mukthi, that means we are making you discover that you cannot do any more. Once you become liberated from the mind, the charges you have will naturally get solved.


So it becomes automatic. We want things to become automatic. 


But, if you're not ready, we can go on manual, wherein you have to put in effort, where you have to become aware and to try to see.




For the awakened person all these things are naturally happening. Nowadays we are focusing more and more on awakening because all of the teachings we have spoken about regarding liberation within the mind will happen naturally.




It is not that we don't want you to work on your charges. You have to work on your charges and finally realize the divine has to do it for you, and it has to happen naturally for you.




To make it simple, Bhagavan has changed the game where everything happens very smoothly. So, all that you want will naturally happen. Of course you should work on your mind, realizing you cannot do much. Once you are liberated from the mind, all the teachings we are talking about will come true.




Until then it is only a teaching not your experience. Today when we give a teaching that your body is not your body, you are trying to see how your body is not your body. Of course, if you are experiencing it, it is no longer a teaching or a concept for you. In fact we are going much faster and in a more sophisticated way.

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