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Sri Bhagavan - About Answering prayers immediately

Posted by Oneness Ecuador on June 12, 2011 at 2:40 PM

Question to Sri Bhagavan: "Even before I complete my prayers to Amma, she delivers the boon on my lap. Why is Amma, so fast and compassionate, Bhagavan? Do the Pancha Boothas obey Her word and act immediately?

Sri Bhagavan says: "See, even in your families, the mother is generally quick to appease you. Your father is a bit tough. It is exactly the same thing here. There's no difference at all. That's why, what you must do is, in case I am not answering, you must shift to Amma. But Amma is also tough in Her own way. She may be very demanding, she might put conditions on you "Ok I will do this for you, but do this." Most of Amma's conditionings would be "Do this, I will give this to you." But my thing is "I will do this, but understand this." I focus more on learning. Amma focuses more on karma. So you have to choose".

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